A-List >Algorithms Email Campaign Review

Struggling to Get Clicks?

Why aren’t you sending the RIGHT offer with the RIGHT messaging to the RIGHT subscribers at the RIGHT time? I’ll advise what to do with detailed feedback that’ll transform your campaign.

A-List >Algorithms Email Campaign Review

What you get: 1. 45-minute recorded review (video) 2. Transcript of video 3. Recommend copy for 1 key section 4. 30-minute live Q&A Instructions: 1. Please fill out the form. 2. Purchase the service. 3. Schedule a call. 4. Wait 1 week, and you’ll get your audit in your inbox. 5. We chat about the review. * I review 3-7 emails


Email Campaign Reviews

The world’s chilliest brand’s welcome flow.

Next Steps

Fill out this form. Pay. Schedule a call for the live review. Wait for the review. We’ll discuss it. Get ready to 2x your email campaign’s ROI.

It is yours to keep so you can go back to it repeatedly.

Money-back Guarantee

I will automatically refund you if:

  • I don’t think it’s a good fit
  • You don’t receive your review within 7 days

What I Look For

  • Message matching (Does it match from ads to the landing page?)
  • Expectation matching (Does it match from ads to the landing page?)
  • Utilization of the Rule of One (one reader, one offer, one big idea, one promise)
  • Is the messaging easy to read? Is it written to move people from one line to the next?
  • Do the subject lines work with the CTAs?
  • Is the right messaging hierarchy in place?
  • A subject line and crosshead assessment 
  • Body copy assessment (line by line)?
  • Are compelling, persuasive elements in place?
  • CTA assessment – are they effective CTA?
  • Risk reducers and the closers?
  • Any disconnects in the flow?

Why You Need an Email Campaign Review

Email has an astonishing return on investment (ROI) of 4400%.


Your CBD products are of the highest quality. Your social media content is driving potential customers to your emails. But you notice the sales aren’t meeting your expectations. Stop guessing why your list isn’t:

  • Purchasing your products
  • Continuously buying your CBD product
  • Or buying enough at once

Order a review, and I’ll find your conversion problem. Get an email campaign review NOW. Optimization never ends.

Match the Needs; Highlight the WANTS

60% of consumers have purchased after receiving an email with a solid marketing message.”


Increase your subscriber’s LTV with a review of your abandoned browser campaign. Lower your CAC with a review that’ll suggest how to make your welcome campaign convert more. Increase your CTR with mock body copy I’ll present to you.

Subject lines, body copy, and CTAs can make all the difference with an email campaign. I’ll look deep into how you anchor and position your value propositions to ensure they reflect your subscriber’s beliefs, values, and emotions. Optimize your email campaign’s messaging.

What to Expect from your Review:

  • Insightful comments about every copy decision made
  • Helpful tips presented with razor-sharp communication skills

People do read when it’s about them. Get the response you want from your audience. Meet them where they are at in the buyer’s journey and lead them to the promised land.

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