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I’m Rudy, a freelance web copywriter and content writer. I empower health and wellness companies to crush sales goals with data-driven web copy for humans.

Hire Me to Convert More Online Leads

Generate more sales with stupendous web copywriting. Generate more leads with content writing. Are you tired of searching for a high-quality copywriter on crowded marketplaces and job boards?

Throwing away money with copywriters:

  • That leave you in limbo during the project
  • That you have to handhold
  • That can’t mirror your brand voice
  • Who don’t get your health and wellness eCommerce business
  • Who only care about the check and not the relationship

WIN your website visitors over with pain point solving copywriting that drives action. 

  • Imagine putting your products/service inside of the buyer’s mind
  • They see their problem vanish (8k definition)
  • Because YOU anticipated their high priority NEEDS and addressed their objections upfront

With the new age of online-first shopping, that only happens when you craft meaningful experiences by telling unique stories.

How are you going to provide meaning when your copy isn’t creating context for your visitors? You can’t help people if there’s no connection between your audience and your product/service.

Freelance Web Copywriter that Understands Digestible Benefits

Sick and tired of wasting irreplaceable time?

Scrambling to write that high-converting copy while your to-do list grows daily?

Looking for an expert you can trust to get the job done, but the search seems pointless?

The rushed copy, your team members collaborated on, gets trapped in “features and functionality” so visitors rarely click. You know you need them to FEEL the benefits to convert your audience. But you keep asking yourself, HOW?

Never out loud, only in the back of your mind when you have a few moments to think about how you’re going to connect the dots. Copywriting is your answer, but who has the time, idea, and tools to bring everything together?

Hmm…you know an in-depth copywriter optimizes results by knowing what words get visitors clicking. But who out there can turn leads into loyal customers quickly and efficiently without LOSING money?

  • You need someone who understands superior communication online is writing for humans that are searching with the intent to find a “real-time” cure
  • You know strategic web copywriting energizes your brand by building rapport so why is it so hard to nail down the person to craft it?
  • You are establishing your brand as an authority; you need a freelance web copywriter that you trust with your life

Let’s TEAM up (it’s a Win-Win) and get to work on leaving your competitors in awe of your solution-focused web copywriting.

“Rudy, can you help my business grow?”

How will I solve your conversion rate issue?

  • Conducting intense audience research (my favorite part!)
  • Sending you bullet-pointed research
  • Developing a messaging hierarchy
  • Crafting web copy (writing, revising, editing)
  • Validation and experimentation

*And much more but you get the gist. Click here for more info.

Unique online experiences begin with a meaningful context created with web copy speaking your visitors’ language. To surpass your objectives and KPIs, there’s no:

  • Magic bullet
  • Easy button
  • Quick fix

Derive real value by getting things out the door, while your freelancer is developing data-driven copy rooted in your brand’s personality.

Take the time to hire a freelance web copywriter that is relying on tangible results as much as you are. You found your expert partner to help you solve your online business problem.

Why Partner with Me?

We can agree that high-quality copywriting is everything. Your right! I don’t have a decade of experience or certifications. You’re searching for credibility, but I don’t have a ton of data to prove my claims. That’s exactly why I’m the perfect fit.

  • While you’re juggling different tasks, I’m focused on producing tangible value from your website copy
  • I have crafted and revised clear, concise web copy and blog posts intended to increase revenue
  • Working exclusively in the health and wellness industry, I guarantee your new web copy will have visitors taking charge

You have the offer. You know your market. Let’s collaborate!

So your audience knows they’ve found the product/service they’ve been searching for.

Converting copy is all your missing. (And me, of course.)


Rudy was a pleasure to work with starting from our initial conversation. He was professional and kept me in the loop on where we were throughout the project. He provided a quality finished product and I will definitely keep him in mind if I have another project like this in the future. I highly recommend working with Stupendous Copy.

Jenna Scott

Business Developer, The Gifted Career Solutions and The Gifted Education Foundation

Thank you so much Rudy! Couldn’t have done it without you! I just checked my website… LOVE everything about it!!! It’s sooo me! Thank you so much! Yes! Please do!! Let me know if you need to write any other testimonials! I’m so appreciative! 🙏🏽

Chelsea Thrasher

Owner, Southern Whiskers N’ Wags

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