2x your CBD Landing Page

Tight deadlines. Overworked staff. Low-converting product page. But why? Invest in saving yourself time, headaches, and the tapping foot of your cynical CFO.

We’ll discuss your landing page in 15 minutes MAX. Answer 3-5 simple questions.

2x your Landing Page

Fast forward to the last meeting of the year. Your CEO is highlighting your superb stats –

  • Conversion rates
  • The pageviews
  • Time spent on the pages

Plus, the decreased bounce rate shows your savvy efforts didn’t go to waste. You did it! You showed the other departments’ marketing MATTERS. A few days later…

in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, you’re telling your kiddos a funny family story about your childhood. You feel the warmth from the campfire and their innocent hearts.

This is how you’ll get to that moment…

Reach your Audience’s Heart

Creating designated landing pages can increase conversion rates up to 300 percent.

Campaign Monitor

Connect your CBD product features with your one reader’s desired transformation.

Get high-quality copywriting and supercharge your sales without stretching your marketing team’s creative capabilities. Yield impressive results with a blend of creativity and data-driven decision-making.

Hire a copywriter that appreciates the relationship between textual and visual elements.

I create a clear, crisp, and creative picture in your reader’s mind with an uncompromising eye for details. In your brand’s voice and tone, I’ll craft human-focused:

  • Headlines
  • Hooks
  • Body Copy
  • CTA

Your persuasive copy will contain credibility, reasoning, and appeal to their emotions. The messaging is a captivating, relatable narrative that translates into an engaging and inspiring digital experience.

Insightful comments about every copy decision are presented with razor-sharp communication skills. You can create learning opportunities, grow the business, and impact the customers. Save the day by not going over the budget and maximizing your ROI with the external help of a trustworthy freelancer.

2x; 8 weeks; 3 Steps

The landing page copy needs to get your visitor to say “yes.” That takes in-depth research:

  • Analyzing the current landing page data
  • Mining the review of your product
  • Surveying/polling previous customers
  • A few more steps


  • Disappointment
  • Headaches (and heartaches)
  • Canceling that family vacation

I’ll figure out how to solve your conversion problem by focusing on crafting the right messaging. You’ll be able to handle higher-level tasks.

Let’s talk. Then you just have to wait for Christmas to come early this year because you made a “pennies on the dollar” investment.

I GUARANTEE I’ll 2x your conversion rate, or I’ll optimize it for free until I do. 

The 2x your Landing/Sales Page process

  • Determining the dynamic page strategy (Define your overarching goals, KPI’s)
  • Audience Research
  • Competitor Analysis – up to 3 competitors 
  • Brand guidelines (unique value propositions and tone of voice)
  • Crafting, writing, revising, editing, proofreading, and a wireframed draft of copywriting
  • Up to 3 revisions
  • 30-minute “copy briefing” call
  • The implementation of the copy
  • Visual direction with your designer
  • A/B testing strategy split test
  • Click tracking
  • Optimization

Schedule a call with me if you’re looking to 2x your ROI.

You found a copywriter with a fierce work ethic and freakish work rate who continues to show curiosity, energy, enthusiasm, and integrity that provides end-to-end copywriting solutions. I’m obsessed with conversion copywriting; I have storytelling instincts and data analysis skills.

Plus, I’m highly productive, proactive, and passionate ABOUT helping the plant, people, and the planet.

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