Content Writing Checklist

Create an Orangic Green Rush

By 2028, the CBD market could hit $56.2 billion. Currently evaluated at $5.0 billion, greenlight your CBD brand’s growth with optimized content writing. Increase your CBD company’s credibility and conversions with the 50-point checklist content writing:

  • Humanize your CBD brand
  • Be been as an authority in the CDB Industry
  • Show how your CBD products solve your audience’s problem

If you’re like most CBD marketers, you know:

marketing CBD isn’t easy with all the advertising restrictions, misconceptions, and laws but these roadblocks create opportunities for your owned media channels.

Who Should use this Content Writing Checklist

  • CBD Content Marketing Managers
  • CBD Business Owners
  • CBD Agency Owners
  • CBD Freelance Writers

How to Use this Checklist

It’s super simple. Print it out for reference. Answer each bullet correctly, and your content writing will never leave your audience hanging.

Content writing converts when you provide value. Get traffic, engagement, and conversions using a sales funnel focusing on your audience’s unresolved problems, unachieved outcomes, and unfulfilled desires. Your product is perfected, now it’s time to make sure your content will convert.

The Only Content Writing Checklist for CBD

Let your digital presence shine through with your brand’s personality. Speak to your audience. Don’t let the challenging marketing restrictions derail educating them. Content writing helps you sell CBD products by answering your customer’s questions and anticipating what your potential customers might ask.

Source: Global Market Insights

Quick Checklist

Draw qualified prospects into your funnel with educational, actionable, and problem-specific content that promises a solution. Lead them to their desired outcome with concrete examples; answering their questions before they ask will maximize your revenue.

  • Headlines make a promise
  • Compelling intro
  • Formatting (Subheadings, Lists, Etc) & Media (Images, Video, Audio)
  • “Claim supporting” scientific studies (at least 2)
  • Examples
  • Outlinks
  • Social Proof
  • POV
  • Close
  • CTA

Conduct research for keywords, search intent, and your audience’s goals to gain insight into questions frequently asked. Then you will create clickable, thoughtful, readable, relevant, educational, helpful, and shareable content that earns your audience’s trust. Share anecdotes, provide updates, and have educational breakdowns on CBD.

Use the 50-point checklist to optimize:

  • Curated content on social media platforms that drives traffic to your site
  • The number of email sign-ups
  • Customer relationships and retention with exclusive offers

Your Content Writing is Your One Reader’s Favorite Teacher

Your content’s house is a powerful marketing tool. Explicitly promoting your CBD products isn’t off-limits but updated, reliable, and valuable content will increase your customer’s LTV. Plus, you attract new customers since Google knows your content is powerful.

  • Blog posts
  • Checklists
  • Short eBooks
  • Social Media content

Use content writing to stay active on social media by posting your blog where your audience is at. Get more qualified visitors to your site and experience higher conversions. Reduce your bounce rate showing how you’ll solve their problems with your product’s unique selling proposition.

The 4 Stages of Content Writing

Directly connect with your audience by consistently sharing your content on social media. It’s simplified into 4 stages:

  1. Awareness (Social media posts)
  2. Interest (Search engine-optimized blog posts)
  3. Desire (Capture their email address)
  4. Action (Landing pages)

Get targeted traffic to your designated blog page using high-quality content to drive email sign-ups. Email your subscribers content that’ll convince them to click on your product’s landing page CTA button.

Your content writing doesn’t revolve around SEO. But it’s essential to include a long-tail keyword your audience is searching for. That key phrase is vital for SEO purposes.

But converting content is sharable, distributed on social media, and starts a conversation. Your blog posts will drive traffic and conversions if you understand the common traits needed to be persuasive.

  1. Engage your One Reader by asking the questions they’re asking online
  2. Convert them into potential customers with interactive content
  3. Convince them to repeatedly buy your product with email campaigns
  4. Repeat

Why You Need the Content Writing Checklist?

It’s challenging to get your CBD product in front of your audience online, with advertising channels restricting you from promoting your life-changing oils, gummies, soft gels, creams, salves, dog treats, etc. However, you can increase sales with educational and entertaining that targets health conditions that potential customers are struggling with or people looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Use this checklist to produce high-quality content that converts your one reader to the promise land. Make sure to check each box before you publish your content.

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