How Gifs, Images, and Visuals Aid Ad Copywriting

Ad copywriting is about clicks. You can enhance it with images or gifs because they’ll get their attention.

Designing your ad ( blog post, landing page, or email) around your copy is critical to delivering a clear message. It helps entice your reader to click through.

“Does your email copy or landing page copy pass the 5-second test?”

How Visual Elements Aid Ad Copywriting

“Do the images feel real, relatable, and authentic?”


Reduce cognitive load by limiting it to one offer.

“Do they support the emotional strategy?”


People are more distracted while on mobile.

“What does your copy look like mobile?” “Are images stretched or is the copy too long?”


Use two fonts max.

“Can you read the copy on the photo/image?”

Ad Copywriting Buttons

Make the Call-to-action button larger.

“Does the color on the page and buttons support your emotional triggers

Always Test to Optimize

Always test your design across devices, dark mode, and accessibility.

Ad copywriting & Animated Gifs

51.28% of marketers said they sometimes use animated GIFs in their marketing emails, according to the 2020 State of Email. A great way to grab your one reader’s attention is with motion. Use them to stop the scroll or to continue it. Either way, they are effective.

Show off Product

Also, they can highlight your CBD products. Gifs show them off well, especially when the person in the image is using your product. For example, you can show off all the different flavors, sizes, strengths, etc.

Turn a Complex Idea into a Simple One

When writing copy, it is sometimes too much to explain with words, so use a gif to express a complex idea.

Use them to build anticipation for a product launch.

Images & Ad Copywriting

Copywriting and images have gone hand and hand since the beginning of advertising. It is no different in email, as images are worth a thousand words when copy puts that image in context.

Images can personalize your email.

Do they cause a distraction? Do they support the copy’s emotional appeal?

How Often

Use sparingly due to deliverability and accessibility issues.

Worth a Thousand Words

The images must be real, relatable, and authentic, or they’ll throw off your messaging. Images convey meaning. When paired with copywriting, they enhance the effectiveness by .

Call-to-Action Examples: CBD Web Copywriting Breakdown

…Who knew a little button could have all that power?

I’m presenting call-to-action examples from around the net for you. With factors like size and placement coming into play, how much does messaging matter? Amplify the value with your copywriting.

The whole purpose of your email is to get the subscriber to take action. CBD companies do have email campaigns that entertain, educate or both. But since most are DTC eCommerce stores, email campaigns that sell are their bread and butter.

Call-to-actions get the sales. The bottom line is you have to get the subscriber from their inbox to your product’s sales page. The design has a major impact, but I’ll focus on the email copy associated with the call-to-actions.

Have the customer visualize what you want them to do with a call to action.

Web Copy Call to Action Examples

Converting “call-to-actions” highlight your product’s value to your one reader. Make it clear their click will be worth their time. Take your most compelling value proposition and place it in a shiny button.

Email Copy Call to Action Examples

How do you determine the best primary CTA to get the subscriber out of their inbox and onto your landing page?

Yes, the CTA is the button you want them to click. But here’s the thing…

It must highlight the value of what happens next (what’s in it for them) to convince them to click. Set the expectation. Conveying that value proposition is challenging so often, we see generic buttons, “buy now,” “click now.”

Be clear about exactly what they get for investing their time in your email and landing page. Convey that value proposition in a CTA with copy that convinces the one reader to interact with the button.

Use verbs to antie up your value proposition. Some examples are:

End with a strong push to action answering the question, “what is the cost of not clicking this button now? “What do I stand to lose by not engaging further with this brand?”

Landing page Call-to-Action Examples

Once your subscriber lands on your page, you want the call-to-action button to stand out. Most CBD companies use a generic “add to cart” button and “subscribe & save.”

Your Call-to-Action Messaging Counts

To convince your one reader to click, your copywriting must be persuasive. Most “call to actions” are 3-5 words, so you have to do a lot with a little to incentivize your audience to click. Describe the value and what will happen next.

Use verbs. Create a sense of urgency or timeliness. Think about the commitment you want them to make. Commitments can be low or high.

Use verbs that set the expectation. Low commitments are more effective in campaigns.

There’s the most popular one, “Learn more” for education campaigns.

“Buy (insert product name) Now” is the industry go-to for call-to-actions.

Remember that many of your subscribers will be viewing your emails from mobile. According to the Litmus 2021 State of Email Engagement, 44.7% of opens are on a mobile device.

Amount of CTAs

Hone your messaging with one call to action or a lot. I have seen up to 5 CTA in a CBD email. I say two is more than enough.

You have your primary and secondary CTA. Instead of buttons, you may elect to use styled text links. Just make sure the is a different color from the primary copy and underlined.

Wrapping up CTA’s

Call-to-actions have to seal the deal. Go beyond “show now” to get more sales. Personalized cta’s far outweigh generic words placed in the most important button.

How to Create CBD Content Writing that People are Searching For

The Search Engine Journal confirmed 70 – 80% of users ignore paid searches on Google and select the organic results that come from the search. Keyword research tools won’t replace an SEO expert or agency, but they may be more cost-effective. Content writing like blog posts, listicles, and ebooks improves your:

  • SEO
  • Organic traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Authority of your brand

Use long-term keywords to improve your content by seeing exactly what your audience is searching for. Here’s how:

Inbound Marketing Strategy

87% of marketers use content to funnel visitors through their buyer stages. Align your KPIs with the behavior you want your user to take. For example, you may want them to sign up for the discount or share the article to their (social media) network.

Content marketing is vital for standing out (and making sales) with over 1 billion world websites. Crafting engaging, actionable content writing increases your CBD products’ value because people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Base it on popular keywords. 

Use these 3 simple metrics to measure your content writing success:

  1. Authority: Show your customer you know everything about how CBD can help them
  2. Reach: Track and monitor how far and wide your content spreads
  3. Impact: Measure your reach based on sentiment, shares, and clicks

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

According to Neil Patal, marketers who blog consistently will acquire 126% more leads than those who do not. Long-term keywords are a major part of getting organic traffic because they give you insight into what your audience is Googling.

First and foremost, you can find out what questions your audience is asking. Keyword research is vital because it provides insight into popular search engine queries, allowing you to create content that answers your audience’s questions about CBD.

The most important thing you can do is show your value in your audience’s language by educating them. Content writing is about the users’ experience as it opens the lines of communication for your prospects to learn about your CBD products.

Set up the Sell with Keyword Research

The first thing you do in selling is to set up the environment.

Joseph Sugarman

The entire point of content is to get the audience to laugh or learn so they can click a button, leave a comment, or sign-up for your emails.⁠ But in 2022, your audience is smart consumers ready for your cash-grabbing tactics.

That’s why your Google ranking is important. With keywords being a major factor in how people find your content online, use them to craft difference-making content.

Ranking for the most relevant search terms is an important part of keyword research. It’s a springboard for generating content ideas with high engagement. Use Google to truly understand more about your target audience. Search intent sets the stage for the rest of the sales funnel.

Keyword Research shows you What to Write about

Since Google is the most popular place to find the answers, it’ll tell you exactly what you should write about.

You can:

  • Pretend to be your audience
  • See how people use your product
  • See what terms your competitors rank for

Look through the top three search results for inspiration and to determine the competitive landscape for e-commerce. Attract strangers with valuable content and start conversations using long-form blog posts. Use the top of your sales funnels to INFLUENCE your customers.

Semantic Search Domination

Intent and context are major factors in the evolution of search engines. People search for solutions in various ways, so Google promotes sharable, entertaining, and informational content to the top.

Content with keyword stuffing suffers severely because Google focuses on understanding information instead of just indexing it. This means the intent behind the search is the most important aspect when utilizing long-tail keywords.

Long-tail Keywords Reveal Search Intent

Long-tail keywords help you create content that solves your target audience’s search query. You’ll find out:

  • What your audience cares about
  • How popular certain topics are
  • What is a priority for them to solve

Use the long-tail keywords as the foundation for your content based on their popularity, search volume (density), and general intent.

How to Do Keyword Research

Use tools like WordStream Free Keyword Tool and Answer the Public to get an idea of what your audience may be asking. When researching, use Google Search Console to find keywords you are already ranking for. Create a list of long-tail keywords based on what you’re ranking for. Use tools like Google Suggest to find variations of your keywords.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest (use the search bar) for keyword research. Look at ubersuggest to find out what long-tail keywords are the most popular.

Rewrite blog posts optimized for the search engines by focusing on the top keywords and different variations. Use Yoast SEO (WordPress Only). Check out SEMRush to get the most information on your long-tail keywords.

Wrap-Up: 4 Simple Steps to Keyword Research

1. Compile a list of keywords by importance. ⁠
2. Focus on long-tail keywords. ⁠
3. Tailored your content, so it answers your audience’s questions. ⁠
4. Google will list your site as a line on the front page in the search engine results (SERP).⁠

How to Use Your Keyword in Your Content

Use the key phrase at the beginning of the headline and the blog post. Use the keyphrase in most of your headings. Feature one keyphrase per page. Put the keyphrase in the meta-tags and descriptions.

Use Buzzsumo to find out what content to write about.


Create an Outline

To get an idea of the structure of your bost post or ebook follow these steps.

  • Create about 5 tentative headlines.
  • The main and secondary keywords
  • List your internal and external links.
  • The competing articles
  • The call to action

Once you’ve got an outline, write the ugly first draft.

Write it

Blend the keyword, what you want to talk about, and what your audience wants to know in your brand’s tone and voice.

Choose a unique angle

Tell a story. Use humor or drama. Use quotes or colorful language.

Blogger Ryan Robinson says, “A great blog is like a television show, think of it as seasons. What is the setting? Who are the characters? What are the situations? What’s the climax? How do you get people to tune in next week?”

Set your blog apart with powerful stories that connect to people. To get their attention, write a strong headline. The lede has to capture your audience’s attention like a first impression when you meet someone in person.

Meat and Potatoes

The best thing to do is stay authentic. Make your content writing actionable. Be concise and format it, so it is readable. Answer the questions you anticipate your audience having.

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Use bullet lists as much as possible. Break up sections of your content writing using:

  • Subheadlines
  • Images, gifs, memes
  • charts, tables

Boost your credibility with academic studies and customer experiences. Ask the audience to like, comment, share, or sign-up.

Publish and Disturb it

Remember to start a conversation with your audience. Send it to your email list. Send people from your social media to your blog. Don’t rely on social media to build your audience, rather utilize it for the distribution of your content. ⁠Turn your articles into other digital content forms like:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Gifs
  • Social Posts
  • Infographics

Always call your audience to take action! A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.⁠ Be sure to capture the email of every prospect visiting your site with a pop-up. Use Google Analytics to measure the success of your content writing.


Creating content starts highly technical with keyword research but ends with emotional storytelling. To rank higher than the competition, talk like a human. Write content that Identifies with your brand’s values. Give your perspective.

To find that content, study the top Google results for your topic and put your brand’s spin on it.

7 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Content Writer to Craft your CBD Blog Posts

“Mission Impossible…”

You start up with your laptop looking for help with your content writing. You need a content writer who understands your blog posts’ role in your sales funnel. You’ve hired content writers before, but the posts weren’t compelling.

Finding a freelance content writer familiar with the CBD industry seems like it’ll never happen. You can write content because everybody writes in 2022 (you even read Ann Handley’s book).

But the Content Marketing Institute names producing engaging content (63 percent), measuring content effectiveness (60 percent), and measuring ROI (59 percent) as the top five challenges for marketers.

Outsourcing your content writing addresses your needs. 73 percent of companies hire someone to take care of their content marketing strategy. And in return?

These businesses see six times higher conversion rates.

So why would you work with a freelance content writer?

Imagine being the hero in the office even though you still have the obstacles of…

  • A hectic or busy schedule
  • Budget limitations
  • A lack of resources
  • Needing an expert
  • Low confidence is your persuasive writing

Get help connecting your target audience efficiently, making your efforts more profitable. Here’s how to get the job done.

Reason #1 to Hire a Freelance Content Writer: Get the Job Done Efficiently

Buy yourself time.

Can your in-house staff concentrate solely on crafting 3-6 blog posts to pump up your sales funnel in 2 weeks?

Of course, but that may cost your company dearly. The root issue is producing them without reducing their normal output. Don’t increase tension amongst your team. The simplest solution is hiring an outside resource dedicated to completing the project promptly. Freelance content writers write all day, every day.

A freelance content writer is a messaging problem solver. A professional time saver dedicated to producing high-quality projects to build their relationship with you.

We value your time.

 “I value my time like it’s gold in Fort Knox.


How simple is it to hire us?

  • Skim the content writer’s portfolio
  • Schedule a discovery call
  • Set a deadline

Concrete on the fit and increase your ROI.

Reason #2: Freelance Content Writers are Cost-Effective

Call on us to convert leads into sales. Get more for less money.

We only ask for a meaningful relationship with your company through a specific project. Freelance copywriters meet your needs with short-term or long-term contracts.

We don’t want:

  • Office Space
  • Benefits
  • A salary

Freelance writers live for (and off of) results. The content we produce is a lifelong asset for your company and us – a true partnership. Your improved brand awareness, leads, and sales make us just as happy as you.

Here’s an example of evergreen content writing that can be disturbed to your social channels, email lists, and visitors through SEO.

CBD Reduces Stress

How to Find the “Perfect” CBD Product

Reason #3: Masters of Education

Research. Results. Repeat. We sell through copywriting but educate future buyers with content. We understand the connection between the two.

Each word persuades your prospect while speaking their language. Every word appeals to:

  • Innate desires
  • Evoking emotions
  • Prompting action

Influence and persuasion with words are what we do. We get an emotional response from your audience and appeal to their logic.

The means to an end creates an experience in your audience’s mind that adds satisfaction to their life. Features translate into benefits, and customers see transformations.

  • We create meaningful imagery with visual language
  • A freelance content writer can evoke emotions with superlatives
  • The content will be specific as possible

Examples of compelling content:

The Clueless Buyer’s Guide to Finding Trustworthy CBD Online

“Will I get high from full-spectrum CBD?”

Reason #4 to Hire a Freelance Content Writer: Experienced Strategist

“Communication is just getting information from one brain to another brain”

Neville Medhora

We understand your bigger picture and connect it to your ideal buyer’s journey. A content writer understands what content will educate your audience. We craft content with the following in mind:

  • Search intent
  • Expectation matching
  • Message matching

A freelance content writer will incorporate your digital marketing strategy into the:

  • Research and discovery phase
  • Messaging hierarchy
  • Writing
  • Revisions
  • Editing
  • Publishing

Reason #5: Freelance Content Writers are in a League of their Own

A freelance content writer will translate the information your audience needs into a blog post. Our mental skillset includes:

  • General knowledge – using our human experiences to create converting ideas
  • Specific knowledge – An expert on your audience, product, and/or service
  • CBD Industry’s best practices
  • Direct response copywriting formulas like AIDA, PAS, BRB, PMES

We don’t write the content to “sell directly” but use copywriting techniques to make your audience comment, share it, and sign-up for your email list. We create content that feeds your welcome campaign.

Your content writing can answer your audience’s questions by addressing their needs.

Reason #6 to Hire a Freelance Content Writer: Stylistic Perks

Content writers hone in on the clarity of the overall messaging and each line. We focus on cadence, flow, voice, and tone. But we ensure the blog post is valuable to your audience by making the content actionable. Freelancers express the value of your CBD product in the fewest words possible. We are word specialists.

Photo credit: Sunday Scaries

Your blog can be more than helpful tips. It can also showcase your brand’s personality.

Creativity is Connectivity

Eugene Schwartz

Reason #7: A Vital Asset to Your Team

You will have a new trusted partner. Freelance content writers are more than willing to work side-by-side with:

  • Web designers
  • Social media teams
  • Customer Service
  • Salespeople

It’s a lifestyle, not a job for a dedicated freelance content writer. We are passionate about people, psychology, persuasion, words, measurables, and results. Our hunger for more knowledge pays off in crafting content.

Bonus: Best Traits to Look For

With these traits, we will persuade your target audience with educational messaging that answers their questions. Since we know the market like the back of our hands, we can differentiate your content from your competitors. The best traits to look for are:

  • Curiosity
  • Assertiveness
  • Excitement
  • Tenacity
  • Flexibility
  • Discipline
  • Good interrogation skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Writing skills


Hire a freelance content writer to get yourself out of a mental rut. Save yourself from stress and invest your time in higher-level duties. All of this VALUE comes with working with a freelance content writer.

Craft a Magnetic Subject Line with 4 Rules in 5 minutes

A subject line and a newborn baby, what do they have in common?

They both need extra care and attention. 59% of consumers report email influences their buying decisions. But with 200 (on average) emails in your subscriber’s inbox, the email copywriter’s greatest challenge is…

How do you get your one reader’s attention without spending your whole life on the subject line?

To be one in a billion, your subject line must draw people in:

  • By evoking particular emotions
  • By making an ultra-specific promise
  • Creating urgency

If you do all three, you’ll surpass the Cannabis/CBD industry’s average open rate. What is the best way to consistently produce high-quality subject lines? Use these four rules to craft subject lines that get your audience’s attention every time.

The Most Important Element of Email is…

Why will the rest of your email copy, design, and hard work go down the toilet?

Because your subject line didn’t do its job.

Curiosity is a surefire tactic to increase your open rates. Make your list as curious as possible. But what’s the best way to spark your audience’s interest?

Make a promise. They’re powerful. 

Use a tip I learned from Verygoodcopy: ask yourself, “what can I hold back to make the subject line irresistible?”

Make your Subscriber Curious

Use the “open loop” technique. Make your subscriber curious and pique their curiosity. Excite their brain by dropping hints and plant clues to move them forward. Research shows that the brain releases dopamine, “the feel-good chemical” as a reward for satisfying our curiosity.

An example of creating an open loop with your subject line.

Introduce a subject or idea but stop short of telling the whole story. Use either need-based or fear-based curiosity. Write a sentence that makes people take action.

Hook ideas:

– Big pains, desires, or promises
– Starting a story
– Useful education
– Shocking statistics
– Highlighting a discount
– Highlighting social proof
– Asking a relevant question

Answer the question, “did the payoff come too late?” After you finish your subject line.

Preview Text

Preview text is often overlooked. A study by Litmus found that 24% of respondents will look at the preheader text before opening the email. 

So it’s proven it aids the subject line in enticing your one reader. The most effective preview text is action-orientated and super short.

An example of a simple, effective subject line.

The “Subject line” Platinum Rule

Make a “big” promise about the relevant information in the email’s body. Think about the results your subscriber will get from using your product and appeal to their self-interest. Narrow it down to what they’ll get from reading the email.

The best subject lines are benefit-driven. Set the expectations for your one reader and let them know what’s in the email. Tease the benefit at all costs.

Examples of CBD eCom companies’ subject lines.

The “Subject line” Golden Rule

Be ultra-specific when you’re teasing the benefit of reading the email. To do that, you have to know who you’re talking to.

Focus on:

  • What they want
  • What they get
  • How they’ll feel after buying

Specificity makes a huge difference because it makes the subject line personalized. Think about:

  • Making a comparison to other products and services
  • Or how you can help your reader achieve their goal

Examples of ultra-specific subject lines.

The “Subject line” Silver Rule

Email subject lines including a sense of urgency have a 22% increase in open rates.”

Invesp, 2021

Always try to create a sense of urgency. Try using the following methods:

  • Tie in your content with a current event
  • Create a challenge based on something popular
  • Make time-sensitive recommendations
  • Offer limited-time cost savings, discounts, or something exclusive

An example of a CBD eCom company’s email creating urgency.

Remember to create urgency around the value readers can’t get anywhere else.

60% of millennial consumers said they make a reactive purchase after experiencing FOMO, most often within 24 hours.

Optin Monster

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in Subject Lines

Use psychology (when in doubt) to create urgency. A powerful motivator is when people feel like they will lose out on something. Highlight what your subscriber will be missing out on. 

An example of using FOMO.

The “Subject line”Bronze Rule

“Brevity is the ultimate way to capture attention”

William Zinsser

Be concise as possible. Cut to the chase. Delete 50% of the words if you need to.

An example of a super concise eCom email.

Think about removing all:

  • Adverbs
  • Adjectives
  • Pronouns
  • Propositions

An example of a 3-word eCom email.

Shine up your subject line until it’s:

  • Attention-grabbing
  • Curiosity-arousing
  • Short

It’ll ✂️ through the clutter. Just keep your subject line short and simple. Strip your headline to the point where only words represent the three previous rules.

An example of a long subject line that still gets to the point.

Other tips include

👉🏾 Numbers

Check out these real-life examples from current eCom companies.

An example of eCom emails using tips to make the subject lines stand out.


When the subject lines and preview text tease your USP, you’ll stop fighting for subscribers’ attention. With an understanding of your segmentations, you’ll know what to personalize in your subject lines.

Remember to add emojis for personality and visual interest (but don’t underdo it). Be concise. Be clear and cut out the fluff.

Follow the four rules and supercharge your subject lines. What’s the point of having great email copy, images, and offers if it never gets opened?

What’s Email’s Best Ability?

Email deliverability! (Dad joke?)

Over 360 billion emails are sent and received daily. If you work in eCommerce marketing, you know your subscribers’ inbox is overflowing with promotions, coupons, etc.

How are your email campaigns collecting dust in a junk folder?

Most emails sent today are spam, resulting in fewer sales. That neglects email marketing’s superpower – delivering the right message at the right time to the right person.

You checked all the technical aspects, and they’re spot on. It’s your email copy. Your messaging annoys your subscribers because your list isn’t segmented right, or your copywriting isn’t getting it done. Or worse, it’s both.

Stop panicking. We can increase the likelihood of your email landing in their inbox. Then 2x your ROI using these simple copywriting tips.

Basics of Email Deliverability

Don’t get bounced. Landing in your subscriber’s primary inbox is the first step to 2xing your email campaign’s ROI. The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) uses Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to evaluate your email campaign’s authenticity. Spam filters are complex and analyze your:

  • Subject line
  • Preview text
  • Body copy
  • Images
  • Links

After you’ve written your email copy and the image is in place, double-check your email to bypass email deliverability issues. Of course, make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors but also limit your:

  • Links
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Gifs

Do this to ensure your sender score is good enough to stay out of the spam folder.

Email Deliverability Tips

Avoid the spam folder at all costs. Follow the spam laws and email permissions to deliver your messaging with no issues. Certain phrases are spammy and will set off the spam filter. Here’s a list.

The best thing to do is to build trust with your subscribers. To do this:

  • Send from a trustworthy “from” name
  • Craft “curiosity gap” subject lines
  • Send relevant and interesting content
  • Have a function design

….Ensure that your sender email address is your business email…


To avoid the spam folder, don’t use:

  • Multiple special characters in a subject line
  • All caps
  • Image-only emails

Overly large emails will set off spam filters, so a mixture of email copywriting and images/gifs is a requirement.

Segmentation leads to Personalization

In 2021, 71% of marketers sent more emails than they did in 2020. Other CBD brands are battling for your subscribers’ attention so to stand out, your email copy has to be personalized. It’s the best way to increase your delivery rates because it will engage your customers. To create the most personalized email copy, you must know your audience – using your segment data gives you the most information.

Sender Names & Subject lines & Preview Text

Your subject line, the preview text, and the sender name combine to entice your subscriber to open your email. As the second most important part of your email campaign, they must be well-written.

Use a consistent “from name” or your subscriber will ignore your email’s subject line. The subject line’s job is to get the body copy read. Follow these four tips to craft a compelling subject line.

Examples of “from names” from various CBD eCom brands

Tease the value of what’s inside the email with your subject line and preview text.

Examples of subject lines from various CBD eCom brands

Pull them in..

The body of your email needs personalized copywriting and imagery paired together to encourage a click. Use dynamic content blocks based on your segmentations to get the subscriber’s interest to turn into desire. You have to create an experience that grabs their attention long enough for them to get the key messaging.

Examples of email body copy from various CBD eCom brands

Create a skimmable story your subscriber can relate to with subheadlines and small blocks of text. They become buyers when they feel the powerful and active language combined with visual elements like:

  • Beautiful headers
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • GIFs

Here’s an example from Prima. View the full email here.


Describe the value of what happens next. If you don’t, the rest of the email elements didn’t do their job. The result you want is action.

Focus your messaging around your call-to-action, and match your call-to-action with your subject line. Use active verbs ad create urgency.

Examples of call-to-actions from various CBD eCom brands

69% of marketers rarely create landing pages for their email campaigns. Which could lower your delivery rates because the messaging may not match if you use a generic landing page. Resulting in losing your audience’s trust. Make sure those clicks lead to landing pages crafted for that specific campaign.

Wrapping up Email Deliverability

Email marketing is competitive in the CBD industry because of the marketing restrictions from state to state. Drive your audience to your email list, and then send personalized campaigns you know will get delivered. Increase your deliverability with personalized segmented copywriting that leads to clicks and sales.

What’s the Best Email Length for CBD eCommerce brands?

Less is best when it comes to email copy. Easily digestible copywriting refer to subscribers reading your emails from their phone in a crowded inbox. Emails are naturally teasers, so it’s the body copy’s job to trigger a click.

The subject line and preview text must attract and intrigue. But it must be done with conciseness.

The Average Email Length

Visually most emails are between 1,500 and 2,000 pixels in vertical length. And they always maintain a 60/40 text/image ratio. In 2016, a Boomerang study involving over 40 million emails determined which factors led to getting more responses:

The recommended width is 600px. Each email has one goal, message, and a call to action.

Average Emails Length

AWeber found 434 words is the average email length (which takes about 3.3 minutes to read). Less noise comes with fewer words and since your clickthrough rate (CTR) is an important metric, keep it to a minimum.

  • Educational emails (25 words and up to 500 words)
  • Sales emails (75-100 words)
  • Welcome campaigns (50 words or 3 sentences)

But when it comes to determining the length of your email, the golden rule is to ensure you deliver on the promise you made in the subject line.

Example of concise email body copy

How to Eliminate the Extra Words

Although the industry’s best practices are to keep the email copy minimal, make sure you leave an impression. It starts with your headline and preview text.

Be concise. Be precise. Add visuals to explain complex topics. Unpack summaries. It’s that simple.

Email Length Wrap-Up

Use less words, but the top priority is ensuring the message is clear. You want to provide value and authenticity. And then worry about the length.

3 Ways an Email Campaign can Tell, Compel, and Sell CBD

How could email marketing still be effective at the ripe old age of 57?

No wonder your email campaign is collecting digital dust with all the dancing on TikTok, debating on Twitter, reels on Instagram, and “friend forming” in Facebook groups. However, email has remained central to digital communication and has effectively grown a lot of eCommerce CBD companies.

With email marketing’s value set to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027, it’s far from over the hill. The golden age of email marketing is here to stay, it’s 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

90% of companies agree email marketing is crucial to their company’s achievements (Litmus), but with a 4400% return on investment that’s no surprise. 

Your email campaign generates the highest ROI because you can foster a deep one-on-one relationship with your one reader. Unlike social media, you have complete ownership of your list. More access to them increases your ability to present the best possible offer at the best time. 

If HubSpot said it; it has to be true.

After driving them to your site, you built enough trust to capture their email address, so it’s time to sell your product. Your email campaign is the best way to nurture your subscribers until they are ready to buy. With 120+ business emails sent and received daily, yours has to stand out from the crowd using specific copywriting. Here’s how. 

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll learn:

  • The strategy behind a successful email campaign
  • How to increase your sales with 3 S’s
  • What impact the other elements of email have on the copy

The Art of Your Email Campaign

“Ponder and deliberate before you make a move.”

Sun Tzu

An effective email campaign starts with a dynamic strategy built on audience research and messaging math. Define your:

  • Overarching goals
  • KPIs

Define why the emails are being sent, who it is for, and the goal. Each email in your campaign has one goal. Define what actions you want the reader to take and how you’ll prompt them to take that action.

And then improve your ROI by optimizing what subscribers:

  • Open
  • Ignore
  • Delete

An example of a GOAL: 
Find out your subscribers’ true buying behavior. 

The ultimate goal is to increase engagement and sell more CBD products. Convert subscribers -> buyers -> lifelong customers through communicating relevant, timely, and personalized value propositions. 

Your list segmentations determine what campaign you will improve. Don’t go in blind; use your data from previous email campaign as a baseline.

Studying the data and plan how you’re going to take an action.

Testing, Testing, Testing; 123

Plan on running A/B tests to see how you can maximize your clicks and optimize your emails in each campaign. Test one element of your email campaign at a time to get an idea of what’s increasing your conversions. It’s the only way to know what’s working or what isn’t.

Evaluate the outcomes and make decisions to improve the performance of your campaign. There are only a few key areas you should focus on for testing, for instance:

  • The offer
  • Subject line
  • Preview text
  • Body copy
  • CTA

You should also test:

  • What type of content is most effective
  • What’s the most effective structure
  • How many visuals to use
  • When to send the emails

Take a learning approach to the optimization process, so your email campaign will cut through the noise. Identify:

  • Areas of improvement
  • Bottlenecks
  • Key performers

Uncovering unique insights will lead to an increase in conversion using limited time and money. CBD marketing manager, maximize your email lists for the greatest returns. 

Email Insights Make the Future Bright

Email metrics are useful for improving their experience as the data drives innovation for your messaging. It empowers your email campaign because you have a deeper understanding of your audience’s desires. 

You can 10x your click-through rate by analyzing previous emails you sent to your subscribers. Use the following metrics to discover your buyer’s journey:

A healthy email campaign performance leans on percentages, feedback, and results from A/B testing multiple designs and formats. Customer-driven decisions enhance your strategy’s effectiveness by engaging them with relevant copywriting. 

1. Monitor your campaigns 

2. Maintain your connection 

3. Keep monetizing your email content

With the strategy defined, focus on the actual email copy.

The Next 4 Steps

  1. Draw insight from research and data
  2. Develop a hypothesis
  3. Prioritize what to work on
  4. Optimize your campaigns

The 3 S’s of Your Email Campaign 

Use segmentation, stories, and specificity to write email copy that makes the one reader imagine you’re face-to-face solving their need. Relevant messaging boosts clickthrough and conversion rates.

1. Separate the Winners from the Beginners

Marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

Knowing your audience increases clicks because you can tell meaningful stories. Email campaigns like a welcome series or a nurturing series will increase your conversion rates because of their relevance, but infusing them with specifics can only help.

Don’t mess up your deliverability rates.

Stand out in your one-reader’s crowded inbox

Email marketing is the most efficient channel for driving purchases (73% of votes).

Targeted emails are relevant because they are tailor-made to capture their attention and build trust. Each email must be personalized beyond their first name. Speak to their desires.

To deliver relevant emails, build segments around your subscribers’ shopping behaviors or into smaller subcategories based on:

  • Common interest
  • Behavior
  • Characteristics
  • Preferences
  • Demographics⁠
  • Target Audience/Buyer Persona⁠
  • Recent Webinar Guest⁠
  • Customers⁠

Segmentation Examples

If you send a flash sale, you don’t want to send it to subscribers who consistently buy at full price. Or vice versa, if someone never buys your products, you won’t send an email announcing a new product.

“Relevant converts, irrelevant annoys.”

Joanna Wiebe

Segment your audience via their path through your funnel, aligning your one reader’s interest with your one offer.

Email Automation; Customer Creation

Personalized emails are effective at selling when sent at a consistent cadence. An email “drip” campaign to your subscribers over a few days or weeks turns those interested subscribers into nurtured customers. First, determine your intent and create a dynamic workflow based on time or triggers.