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Hi, I’m Rudy. Welcome to my portfolio. I created mock email campaigns, ad posts, blog posts, and landing pages to demonstrate how I can take a set of variables and turn them into messaging that converts. I can’t show any results or meaningful metrics. I did write each campaign for a different brand in the CBD industry to show how I adapt to the voice and style of the company.

There is also previous client work in the “web copywriting” and “other blog posts” sections.

Email Campaigns

For the full breakdown of the mock campaign, click here. Below are the wireframes.

Earth’s Zen Browser Abandonment Flow

Goal: Plans to capture shoppers who’ve never purchased by getting the browser; they just left. Recover the sale while the shopper is still in the early stages. Increase the likelihood of the browser returning to the site.

Testing: Timing and using “GIFS vs. Images” to see if they affect the CTR and conversions. 


Earth’s Zen Abandon Cart Flow

Goal: Save the sale by leveraging improved value propositions by measuring, improving, and renewing the existing ones. An opportunity to learn and progress. 

Testing: Timing and the click-to-open rate. Testing if we send the first email an hour later (average 6.3) or within the hour (3% conversion rate). KPIs: The number of sales

Earth’s Zen Post-Purchase Series

Goal: Continue to build a relationship with the customer so we stay top of mind when they need to order again and introduce them to other CBD products that highest selling or related. 

Testing: Related products or best-selling products

 KPIs: Additional products purchased from coupon code 

Earth’s Zen Re-engagement Campaign

They hired me to write a “win back new product” email campaign to re-engage customers who purchased other gummies or products to reduce stress and anxiety with a new product, Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies.

Goal: The email campaign aims to increase the conversion rate to 13.33%. The secondary goal is to educate subscribers on Full-spectrum CBD. Front-loading the emails to take advantage of their purchase before. 

Testing: Subject lines; frequency 

KPIs: Click-Through Rate, Click Rate, Conversion Rate, Overall ROI

Earth’s Zen Welcome Series

Goal: The primary goal is to build a relationship and trust with the new subscriber by educating them on Full-spectrum CBD, and offering a new version of the OG GUMMIES. Front-loaded the emails with helpful information to encourage the purchase and take advantage of the signup recency.

Testing: CTA’s; frequency 

KPIs: Click-Through Rate, Click Rate, Conversion Rate, Overall ROI

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