“A-List >Algorithms” CBD Email Campaign Review

“A-List >Algorithms” CBD Email Campaign Review

What’s included: 1. 45-60 minute recorded review (video) 2. Transcript of video 3. Recommend copy for 1 key section 4. 30 minute live Q&A Instructions: 1. Purchase the service 2. Please fill out the form below, or it’ll be emailed to you in 24 hours 3. Wait 1 week, and you’ll get your audit in your inbox *3-7 emails


CBD Email Campaign Review Questionnaire

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Email has an astonishing return on investment (ROI) of 4400%.


Why Isn’t Your CBD Email Campaign Closing the Deal?

The people on your email list are your A-list customers. They’ve opt-in but haven’t purchased your product. Stop guessing why they aren’t clicking through your emails, and let’s solve your conversion problem.

Are you sending the right offer with the right message to the best-fit subscribers?

What to Expect

  • Live editing on one of your copy sections
  • Written copy for a particularly problematic section
  • 30-minute review session (Zoom call)
  • Transcript of live review

60% of consumers have purchased after receiving an email with a solid marketing message.”


What I’ll Look For with Your CBD Email Campaign Review

  • Message matching 
  • Expectation matching 
  • Utilization of the Rule of One
  • Is the messaging easy to read? Is it written to move people from one line to the next?
  • Do the headlines work with the CTAs?
  • Is there are messaging hierarchy in place and seemingly appropriate?
  • A headline and crosshead assessment 
  • Body copy assessment (line-level)?
  • Are persuasive elements in place and persuasive?
  • CTA assessment -qualities of effective CTA in one place?
  • Risk reducers and the closers?
  • Any disconnects in the flow/architecture?

Why You Should Buy the Review

Marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

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