Guaranteed 4,200% ROI on your CBD Email Campaigns

Struggling to figure out what’ll persuade your subscriber to buy your CBD product? I’ll 4x your ROI, or you get your money back.

We’ll discuss your email campaign in 15 minutes or less.

In 8 weeks, I’ll Increase your ROI

90% of companies agree that email marketing is crucial to their company’s achievements (Litmus), but that’s no surprise with a 4400% return on investment. Supercharge the ROI of your email campaigns without doing much more than you already are.

I’ll 4x your CBD sales with email copy: stop fighting for your subscribers’ attention, improve their experience, and close the deal with CTA. Let’s convert your subscribers and make your CBD company the big bucks.

Transforming Subscribers into Lifelong Customers 

Email marketing is the most efficient channel for driving purchases (73% of votes). Nevertheless, it takes time and effort to infuse powerful messaging into your campaigns.

With a few things from you, I’ll craft email copy that speaks to your One Reader’s:

  • Innate desires
  • Evokes emotions
  • Prompts action

It’ll address your subscribers’ objections about your brand, product and offer to build trust by providing value. Highlighting specific outcomes that’ll show the results they are seeking. Get the most significant returns on your CBD products by maximizing the potential of your email list.

4xing Sales at Scale

I’ll write email copy that’ll be the greatest salesperson in your company.

By 2027, email marketing’s value could increase to $17.9 billion. With complete control of the selling environment, I’ll craft messaging that is relevant, timely, and personalized value propositions that speak to your subscribers’ path through your funnel.

Aligning your product’s cumulative value to your audiences’ stage of awareness and their buyer’s journey creates a compelling educational, actionable, and entertaining message. Your landing pages will close the deal whether your campaign is nurturing your subscribers or selling directly to them.

Drive ROI with high-quality email copywriting that is relevant and solution-focused.

Personalized Copy at its Best

“Speak to the heart, and the mind will follow.” I’ll 4x your click-through rate. Each email will be crafted to persuade the reader with vivid descriptions of their:

  • Direct beliefs
  • Feelings
  • Needs
  • Wishes
  • Desires

I avoid the same ol’ results by crafting messaging that leans on percentages, feedback, and results from A/B testing multiple designs and formats to perform well. The email copy I’ll craft will repeatedly sell your subscribers a better version of themselves.

The Highest Quality & the Most Value

You get 3-7 high converting emails based on:

  • The voice of customer data
  • Frameworks
  • Direct response formulas
  • Proven persuasion techniques

Each email plays a cohesive role in the entire campaign. I’ll select the most persuasive words and phrases and then place them in the correct order. Being as specific as possible so it’s clear to the One Reader what the messaging is. Woven in are facts, statistics, and testimonials for concise credibility. It gets personal, so your subscriber will feel something after reading every email.

Ultimately, each email described your CBD product’s unique benefit to your subscriber. The useful and ultra-specific style and tone help the One Reader envision a better version of themselves. Stressless about your conversation rate.

Learning & Earning from the Data

I’ll systematically compile all the “before” data, so we know exactly what part of the messaging I’ll optimize. Truly finding out the customers’ buying behavior is the goal. I identify:

  • Bottlenecks
  • Areas for improvement
  • Noting key performers

The information will help send the right offer at the right time. I track the performance of the campaign’s clicks, conversation rate, sales, and overall revenue (with your help, of course). I’ll collect the “after” data to figure out the ROI.

Bridging the Gap with Copywriting

Email campaigns persuade your audience to purchase your CBD product. And you get to understand more about them, areas of opportunity, and how the copy can be more effective.

Use the feedback, analytics, and KPIs you’ve gathered to set up an email campaign. And you’ll learn forever and continuously sell better.

Learn more so you can sell more. Every email copy decision is rooted in data, so the messaging resonates with your One Reader. I’ll need certain research information, feedback, and a deadline from you, and I’ll take it from there.

Here’s the process for your email copy:

  • Determining the dynamic email strategy ( Define your overarching goals, KPI’s)
  • Audience Research
  • Competitor Analysis – up to 3 competitors 
  • Brand guidelines (unique value propositions and tone of voice)
  • 30-minute “copy briefing” call
  • Crafting, writing, revising, editing, proofreading, wireframe draft of copy
  • Plagiarism free confirmation
  • Up to 3 revisions
  • The implementation of the copy
  • Visual direction with your designer
  • A/B testing strategy split test
  • Click tracking
  • Optimization

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