Turn Words into Profit: The Definitive Copywriting Guide

Why buy?

Don’t Miss Out on… How to use your own insights, knowledge of your product/service, and your relationship with your prospects to EARN income.

This copywriting guide is for

Small business owners who create their own content.

You will able to generate revenue with words besides the fact that:

  • You are relatively new to copywriting
  • You have a relatively small email list and social media following
  • You had no connections to influential bloggers
  • You don’t have all the SEO tools (SEMrush, Google Analytics, Yoast SEO)

This step-by-step copywriting guide will show you how to make money using words.

Learn how to tailor your content to your audience in a unique way to get the best results. Learn how to craft the right type of content. Understanding the connection between copywriting, your products/services, and your audience. Understand copywriting as a whole. Finally, implement copywriting on your website with the strategies in the guide.

Persuade, motivate, and sell with the power of words.


Address your audience’s fears
Help them sleep at night by getting your product or service in their life.
Show them your product/service will remove that “problem” that has them afraid.

Speak your audience’s language
Ensure your marketing hits home with messages that speak to your audience’s pain points.
Use their everyday words to get them to understand why your product is what they have been waiting for.

Be confident and think selling
There’s no magic pill or easy button.
You don’t need an Ivy League degree.
There’s no need to be the most popular person on the internet.
You don’t have to invest a ridiculous amount of money.

About the Author: As a freelance writer that owns a copywriting company – it is imperative I generate high-quality headlines every time to get published, to get the business content I write read, and to get traffic to my site via my blog.

Why me? Studying and implementing these strategies in my writing and business has improved the quality of my work and created more value.