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Go Beyond SEO and Keywords; Gain Trust

Got content problems? You got high-volume and low-difficulty down pack. But your blog posts still get no traffic or the wrong traffic. Reach your potential customers, increase their traffic to your site, and sell more CBD online after a 60-minute review.

Content Marketing Funnel Review

What’s included: 1. 60 minute recorded review (video) 2. Transcript of video 3. Recommend copy for 1 key section 4. 30 minute live Q&A Instructions: 1. Purchase the service 2. Fill out the form below or it’ll be emailed to you in 24 hours 3. Wait 1 week from filling out the questionnaire and you’ll get your audit in your inbox 4. Schedule a time for the 30 minute Q&A *If the review isn’t a good fit, you will be refunded immediately.


Questionnaire for Content Writing Review

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“95% of buyers buy from someone who gave them content at each stage of the buyer’s journey.”


Dominate Your Corner of the Internet

I can help you get the results you expect from your content writing. Let’s determine how to increase its effectiveness by finding what content addresses your customers’ stage. Hire me to find the:

  • Areas of improvement
  • Content gaps

Then a deep dive:

  • What topics are being ignored or glossed over?
  • What might be unclear to the target audience?
  • What questions are frustrated customers shouting into the void?

Even though every visitor’s journey is unique. I’ll provide instructions on improving your content writing. Avoid relying on guessing, and get a strategic look at how your content writing can take your competitor’s market share.

Here’s a breakdown of the 4 stages of the converting content funnel.

What’s Included in your Content Writing Review

The 60-minute recorded video and transcript will include:

  • Realistic Sales Goals
  • Ideas for Strategizing
  • Ideas for Experimenting
  • Ideas for Modifying
  • Ideas for Monetizing

The Content Writing Review Identifies:

  • If your content is relevant
  • How you’re leveraging social media
  • If you’re implementing a high-converting call to actions
  • If the messaging matches from start to finish

I’ll define:

  • Your One Reader
  • Theme of your blog
  • Your S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Your KPI’s
  • Your promotion tactics

The recommended content writing:

I’ll rewrite one of the following:

  • Social Media Post
  • Section of the Blog Post
Align your sales funnel with your content marketing

During the 30-minute “Q & A” Zoom call:

  • Ask anything you want related to the review

Why a Content Writing Review?

Focus on how CBD helps can increase your blog rank higher. Enhance your content writing strategy because it increases:

  • Your search engine rankings
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Engages visitors
  • Builds authority

E-commerce success starts with high-value content that drives qualified visitors through your pipeline. Let’s destigmatize cannabis already!

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