Content Writing Services

Gain Authority, Visibility, and Credibility

4 MILLION new blog posts get posted every day. High-quality content is a unicorn because it is so hard to find. Your content has to STAND OUT to get shares and engagement. What do you do?

Answer your CBD e-com customers’ questions to differentiate your brand. Educational and entertaining content writing is essential.

I’ll craft 100% unique content promptly without plagiarism. No fluffy writing is allowed.

Make your Blog Invaluable with Content Writing Services

‚ÄúTreat your blog like a product or a brand.”

Brian Dean, Backlinko

Showcase your knowledge regularly and over-deliver valuable content. Producing content is about providing value and helping your audience make an educated decision. Your content writing guides your audience to engaging information.

  • Authority figures
  • Current customers
  • Industry experts
  • Past customers

Base your content on trustworthy facts. Plus, I have a database of competitor CBD brands’ ads, blog posts, and websites. I know the industry’s landscape.

Build Your Community Word by Word

I’ll craft blog posts that align with the CBD industry’s trending topics, so their impact is significant. The CBD market is dynamic. Get content writing services that will sell out your CBD products.

Medical claims are a no-no! I’ll make health and wellness general expressions to increase your brand awareness. Using the right voice shows your audience you are willing to help each other.

Increase visits from Google with relevant information because I specialized in the CBD industry with intimate knowledge of the Cannabis and Hemp plant. I use the right phrases throughout your headline, content, and metadata.

Distributing Your Content Writing

I strategically advise how you can use social media posts and ads to distribute your posts. As well as how you can repurpose the content writing and promote it via email campaigns. And I’ll advise how you can encourage them to share the information with their peers on the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • More

Why Content Writing Services?

My CBD content writing will increase your search engine performance, brand awareness, and authority. My content writing services are the key to driving qualified leads into your email list. You’ll never have to compromise on your content writing when you hire me.

That’s because I think about the whole digital marketing strategy and how content writing improves your ROI.

All the content writing that is provided, follows Google’s best practices, user-friendly formatting, and multiple rounds of edits. I have experience with WordPress, Yoast SEO, and Medium. And some Canva design skills.

I can also help with the developmental editorial plan and distribute the content writing across your:

  • Blog
  • Social Media Sites
  • Email list
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