2x Your eCom Email Campaigns ROI

Sick and tired of having to rewrite 60% of what your freelancer delivered? 2x your ROI with data-driven email copy or you get your money back.

We’ll discuss your email campaign in 15 minutes MAX. Answer 3-5 simple questions.

Uplift your Sales with Emails

5 emails can turn into $100k. 2x your conversion rate without worrying about what messaging works and doesn’t. You can eliminate the agonizing frustration bubbling up because of the hopelessness you feel thinking about your email campaigns’ ROI.

  • “What’s broken?”
  • “What’s preventing the subscriber from clicking?”
  • “What could drive more conversions?” 

Be confident your copywriter can solve these problems. Without working harder, supercharge your AOV, LTV, and ROI. NO MORE CFO tapping their foot and asking you to prove it positively impacts the revenue. You’ll have the results to prove it.

By 2027, email marketing’s value could increase to $17.9 billion. Get a piece of the pie by sending relevant, timely, and personalized email copy. Get the right messaging in the right place and make them feel something.


your overjoyed in a meeting with your CEO after the email copy doubled the campaign’s revenue. Your impact on the bottom line warrants beloved high-fives from the CFO and COO because you did it without adding more work to the in-house staff.

They no longer think marketing is pointless. All because you made one decision that smashed it out of the park. Let’s get these RESULTS.  Copywriting is the simplest, fastest, most cost-effective way to supercharge your CTR, ROI, and LTV.

Picture enjoying your FREE time. Going camps for a weekend and you don’t have to worry about the weak Wi-Fi because your email campaign sells 24/7.

Learning and Earning

The email campaign’s primary goal is 2x your sales, but finding out the customers’ true buying behavior is 1A. Learning what makes your audience tick is priceless. Data-driven messaging helps you understand what works and why so you can stress less about your ROI.

I’ll systematically compile all the “before” data so we know what messaging is best to optimize.

I identify:

  • Areas for improvement
  • Bottlenecks
  • Key performers

I track the performance of:

  • AOV
  • CAP
  • CR
  • CTR
  • ROI
  • RPE

I’ll collect the “after” data to determine the most effective messaging. Are you ready for a boost?

2x; 8 weeks; 3 Steps

With a 4400% return on investment, 90% of companies agree that email marketing is crucial to their company’s achievements. Supercharge the ROI of your email campaigns without doing much more than you already are.

Step 1

You’ll schedule a call. We will see if it’s a good fit. We’ll kick off everything by defining the project goals.

Step 2

I’ll compile all the “before” data. Do the research. Craft the copy. Present it to you. Implement the campaign. Present the sales increase and what we’ve learned about your buyers.

Step 3

Taking the information we gather, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about current and future email campaigns that’ll skyrocket your CTOR, RPS, and SAC. Implement, earn, learn, and repeat.

Bridging the Buying Gap

73% of 350 marketers’ votes confirmed email marketing is the most efficient channel for driving purchases. Avoid the same ol’ results when I craft 3-7 high-converting emails based on:

  • The voice of customer data
  • Direct response formulas
  • Frameworks
  • Proven persuasion techniques

But how?

“Speak to the heart, and the mind will follow.”


The copywriting decisions rooted in data will still ensure the messaging resonates with your subscribers as they feel something with each email. I’ll 2x your ROI with high-quality email copy crafted to persuade the reader with vivid descriptions of their:

  • Direct beliefs
  • Desires
  • Feelings
  • Needs
  • Wishes

I’ll place the most persuasive words, phrases, and USPs in the:

  • Subject lines
  • Preview text
  • Body copy
  • CTA

The campaign will highlight the big idea that appeals most to your subscribers. Social proof will increase the likelihood your subscriber will purchase. Because every promise is backed up with:

  • Facts
  • Statistics
  • Testimonials

Your subscribers will envision a better version of themselves as the ultra-specific style and tone meets them in their head. With the increase in sales, you’ll have plenty of meaningful data:

  • Feedback
  • Percentages
  • Results from A/B testing

Email campaigns help you understand more about:

  • Areas of opportunity
  • How can the copy be more effective
  • Your subscribers

Impacting your buyer’s journey isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard when you follow my process. Hire me to activate your one reader’s buying behavior using actual phrases that’ll tap into their intrinsic motivation. Use the data you receive to improve your email campaigns moving forward.

The (2x your Email Campaigns) Process:

  • Determining the dynamic email strategy (Define your overarching goals, KPI’s)
  • Audience Research
  • Competitor Analysis – up to 3 competitors 
  • Brand guidelines (unique value propositions and tone of voice)
  • Crafting, writing, revising, editing, proofreading, wireframe draft of copywriting
  • Plagiarism free confirmation
  • Up to 3 revisions
  • 30-minute “copy briefing” call
  • The implementation of the copy
  • Visual direction with your designer
  • A/B testing strategy split test
  • Optimization

Schedule a call with me if you’re looking to 2x your ROI with email copy that:

  • Creates cumulative value with your product
  • Pulls your audience through the sales funnel
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