About Me

Looking for a copywriter? Struggling with content writing? Both? 

Hi, I’m Rudy. I’m an E-com conversion copywriter/content writer. I focus on email campaigns, landing/product pages, ad copy, and blog posts. I work primarily in the Health and Wellness industry concentrating on CBD products. 

I GUARANTEE I’ll 2x your conversion rate. 

A copywriter you’ll trust with your life

  • I manage our web copy project by capturing the “before” picture, tracking the results, and 2xing your current ROI using data and persuasion principles to write copy that converts.
  • The goal of our copywriting project is to understand more and more about your audience, so you know what works and what doesn’t.

Have no worries

  • Get a fresh perspective on the data, your messaging, and your users’ experience. I’m the world’s easiest person to integrate into your marketing team.
  • I’m dedicated to doing all the hard things while going the extra mile because I believe in making genuine invaluable connections with people in the cannabis industry. 

Copywriter Certificates

My Previous Work


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