CBD email welcome flows: how to craft the industry’s highest-converting emails

“320% increase in revenue from welcome emails???”

E-com companies can 2x their ROI with 4-6 emails. But only 39% of brands send a welcome email flow. I signed up for 100+ CBD companies’ welcome campaigns and came to the realization:

your CBD brand only has ONE chance to make a first impression in your new subscriber’s inbox.

You will most likely generate more sales from a new subscriber versus a long-time lister or a first-time visitor to your website. Capitalize on the momentum with automated emails welcoming them to your list.

Ask yourself, “what information are you sending your subscriber after they signed up for your email list?”

Greenlight your CBD brand’s growth (2x your ROI with an Email Checklist)

Messaging is Meaning. Meaning is Money

Engagement is at its highest during the welcome campaign. So craft meaningful experiences to convert your new subscriber into a brand advocate.

You have to know what to say to your new subscriber. Start with addressing their stage of awareness. Move them to the next stage of awareness with an email flow that anticipates their questions and differentiates your brand. Once you set up the triggered flows, watch the money pile grow as you bring your newbie up to speed.

Optimize your:

  • Subject lines
  • Preheader text
  • Mircocopy
  • Body copy
  • CTA button
  • Deliverability

Your email list is like building a universe. It is always thickening, expanding, growing, and tightening your online business. Your messaging has to align from your pop-up to your final email in your welcome campaign. Let’s start with how you are getting their email address.

How to find what to say to sell more CBD

Build your welcome email flow around your copywriting. The hardest part is determining what messaging will go in your welcome campaign. First, impressing your new subscriber with email 0 isn’t complicated. They are human so start by introducing your brand and highlighting your offer.

Avoid generic copywriting because you lose out on a golden opportunity to increase your ROI. From the data and your research, you should have a good idea of what to say.

Start with the rule of one to transform your new subscribers’ experience.

Define your one reader

Think about the problem that keeps them up at night. Write in your one reader’s inner dialogue to show them how your one offer solves that problem.

Set the tone. Exceed their expectations by letting them know what type of content they will get and how often they will get it. Humanize your brand by speaking to their:

  • buyer’s journey
  • behavior
  • what they need from your CBD products

Make your new subscriber feel something, “speak to the heart and the mind will follow.”

Your CBD email welcome flows’ one offer

Your CBD brand’s offer is the most important aspect of the welcome flow. Use a coupon code but add your brand’s personality to reinforce your brand. Test it.

To enhance your one reader’s experience, use:

  • body copy
  • product photos
  • gifs

Provide information about your CBD products. Make sure it fits into the context of what motivates them. Close the deal with a specific and actionable CTA.

Your one promise

Deliver your promise while moving people to the next stage of awareness with your messaging. Move them to the “aha” moment. Show them how your CBD product solves their problem and backed it up with credibility.

Your CBD email welcome flow’s guarantee

Provide proof so they know becoming the best version of themselves is capable. Speak to their hesitations. Show empathy with a customer’s story. You won’t have to hard sell. Show them the immediate benefit and the benefits after continuous use.

Tease the next email in the flow to pull them through the sales funnel. Make your email copy as human as possible. People buy from people.

CBD Email Welcome Flows Sales Funnel

Define the rule of one to craft your CBD email welcome flow funnel. Start with the CTA, then the body copy, and end with the headline/preview text. Craft a pop-up window using similar messaging to complete the sales funnel.

Get Your Customer’s Attention at its Peak

41% of brands don’t send a welcome email within the first 48 hours, even though open rates are the highest during welcome campaigns. CTRs are the highest too.

Welcome them to your list and introduce your brand’s story. Make sure you go beyond “Welcome to….” in your subject line to stand out. So many companies use it, and your subscriber may open it, but it won’t make a lasting impression.

Congratulate your subscriber for joining but don’t say thank you in your subject line. It is the second most common phrasing to use. Use as much personalization as possible.

Confirmation emails won’t get the job done these days. The top-selling CBD brands craft an experience in their new subscriber inboxes. To complete you have to hone in on what differentiates your brand.

How to Write Converting Subject Lines & Preheader Text

Get your subscriber’s attention. The CBD brand with the best marketing in the game uses social proof in their headline to show the one reader they’ve joined a squad of 100k+. Make a promise in the headline.

CBD companies like Not Pot have a mission that differentiates than from others. Highlighting the story influences your one reader to purchase because you’re a brand that aligns with their values.

Here’s a full breakdown of the World’s Chilliest CBD brand’s welcome flow.

Deliver on your promise with your CBD email welcome flows

Since you’re offering a discount, you are encouraging your subscriber to think about what you want them to buy. Cross-sell your most popular item or upsell a CBD product bundle you want to push.

A couple of your emails can focus on your brand’s story making an emotional connection with them since people don’t like to be sold to. Introduce them to who your brand is and what your products do. Empower every email with testimonials.

Tell your story with your CBD email welcome flows

This CBD business has an amazing story (see below), and stories are the best marketing tool. I’ve seen email 0 contain a snippet of the brand’s story or a whole email dedicated to telling the subscriber about the mission’s plot.

Tell them the history of your CBD brand and/or show them the future of your CBD brand. Tell a story of how you want them to feel. Make an emotional connection. Your story and your mission are often tied together.

Use CBD email welcome flows to tell your mission

Show your CBD brand’s values align with theirs. Show off your brand’s personality.

Be unique. Or you may increase the chances of your new subscribers hitting the dreaded unsubscribe button.

Add value to your CBD email welcome flows

Showcase the biggest benefit of your CBD product to show your subscriber the immediate and long-term impact of using it. Anticipate and address their objections. Present the 5-inch benefit and then the 5-mile benefit.

Provide a value by:

  • Sharing your most viewed blog posts
  • Cross-selling your other CBD products
  • Upselling a bundle
  • Limited-time offers

Your email welcome flow can sweeten your one offer with free shipping if the purchase is made within 30 days.

Back it up your CBD email welcome flows with social proof

Show your new subscriber what current customers are saying about your most liked products.

  • Show off product ratings
  • Use customer reviews
  • Highlight a case study
  • Highlight what big publications wrote about brands, products
  • Use badges/cerftiications
  • Your staff picks

Who’s your CBD Email Welcome Flow Coming From?

A detail you may overlook is who the email welcome flow is coming from. Some CBD brands prefer to use the first name to make it more personal.

How many emails do you send?

Your welcome series should be 4-6 emails with each email having a specific goal. That’s one goal for each email that adds up to the overall goal: sell more CBD.

Determine when to send it

Timing is everything, there’s no exception with emails. Some CBD companies don’t even have a welcome flow, they send you a newsletter or send offers during the holidays. All should send it immediately but others send the first email a few hours or days after signing up.

For example, when I signed up for CBD company A I didn’t receive an email right away (I got it a few hours later), but when I signed up for CBD company B they sent a confirmation email right away.

The chilliest CBD brand’s email 1 came only a few hours after the initial one.

Use the f sequence to determine the timing of the emails. Don’t lose momentum.

Customer-first, not product first welcome email flows deliver on your promise and build trust.

Make your offer pop-up

In 2023, nobody is giving away their email address. Determine what you are offering in exchange for their email address. Create urgency with a limited-time offer:

  • A discount
  • Free shipping
  • A free product
  • Free merch

In the example below, this CBD company encourages its website visitors to “Spin to Win” with a pop-up.

Pop-ups are the most prevalent way to present your offer to the visitor, but many companies elect to collect the email address in other ways. At the time, this CBD company doesn’t have a pop-up or a footer section to collect the website visitor’s email address. The one reader has to register.

Promise your one reader something in exchange for their email address. That is e-commerce 101.

This CBD company offers 20% off the first purchase and the other offers $4.20 off in the footer of their homepage. Not necessarily in front of the visitor’s eyes.

Wrapping up CBD email welcome flows

It’s your best shot to turn a subscriber into a customer. Make a great one-to-one impression, point your subscriber to the value, and increase sales. Remember, email still has an ROI of 3600%. Email copy is the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effect way to increase your sales.

CMO, what’s your favorite KPI for CBD email welcome flows? Sell more CBD products with a welcome flow that converts your subscribers into brand loyalists. Without working harder, supercharge your AOV and LTV with words.

Limited time and money? I’ll identify the bottlenecks, areas for improvement, and note key performers.

Let me review your welcome email flow to see where there are opportunities for you to make more money.

Greenlight your CBD brand’s growth (2x your ROI with an Email Checklist)


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