Great CBD content writing – the simplest way to win over CBD customers in no time

Your prospects are “tired of the strain and the pain.” CBD marketing leadership, save the day! But how?

Create “THE” experience by matching your content writing with their level of awareness. Create content for your blog but make sure it is not one-size-fits-all. Marketers who prioritize blogging 13x their ROI because they use their blog at the top of your sales funnel to match their prospects’ level of awareness.

You convert visitors into brand loyalists by educating them on how to become healthier (tangible value). The informative nature of search-friendly content writing provides discovery opportunities for CBD products. You write your content based on your audience’s level of awareness and move them to the next stage so they’ll opt-in.

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Use Breakthrough Advertising’s Levels of Awareness

Aligning your prospect’s level of awareness with their position in your sales funnel increases revenue (up to 34%), according to a SuperOffice case study. Advertising icon Eugene Schwartz defines the five levels of customer awareness as:

  • Unaware: A person who isn’t aware of a problem. They aren’t looking to improve their health.
  • Problem Aware/Pain Aware: A person with health issues but doesn’t know what to do to become healthy.
  • Solution Aware: A person who knows what to do to become healthy but doesn’t know what solution they want.
  • Product Aware: A person who knows your product can improve their health but isn’t sure if the product is the right one for them.
  • Most Aware: A person who knows about the product and knows it is for them but needs more information to purchase.

Writing content for your one reader’s level of awareness generates sales from leads, creating engagement and brand awareness. Crafting content tailored to their expectations ensures you grab their attention on the ultra-competitive first page of Google’s search results.

What influences your CBD content writing

“Your words are your web currency.” — Ann Handley

Although 43% of people scam blog posts, the top-ranking posts are at least 1,285 words. You can sell what they want in the headline, subheadline, bullet points, and images to create a positive user experience. Join the conversation your one reader is already having in their head.

For example, if your audience is problem/pain aware, you would write content showing them:

  • you understand their problem
  • have the solution to the problem
  • how your product is the best solution
  • prove that your product is the best solution

For example, your topic can be about the benefits of reducing stress with CBD gummies.

You can mention the different factors that will influence their purchasing decision. Nurture your one reader into the next stage of your sales funnel with the appropriate content.

The best option for the top of your sales funnel

Nearly 49% of marketers are trying to align content marketing with the buyer’s journey, according to Contently. Craft your content for your most motivated traffic.

Streamline your sales funnel with content targeted towards driving problem-aware/pain-aware prospects into the solution-aware stage. You provide value to push customers through the journey without advertising.

“You hard sell the transformation so you can soft sell the thing that provides it.”

Ryan Schwartz, Copyhackers

Embedded CTA’s convert visitors into new subscribers as you build trust with knowledgeable tips in the format of “How-to’s.” You persuade them down the funnel using their level of awareness until they convert into a customer (because sales in the only tangible result of marketing to your CEO).

You can measure content marketing’s impact on the bottom of your sales funnel with Google Analytics. Most marketers use page views to measure a blog’s success.

CBD content writing – be as personal as possible

Writing hyper-focused blog posts establishes your CBD brand as an authority in your industry. Don’t get it wrong at the top of your sales funnel by crafting generic blog posts that mimic your competitors. Motivate your one reader to read your content by showing them you feel their pain.

You increase your post’s personalization by matching your CBD product’s benefits with their awareness level. Make sure you show them the value of using your CBD product; don’t tell them how valuable it is.

Other personalization tips:

  1. Use the word “you”
  2. Show empathy by speaking to the internal problem and not just the surface-level problem
  3. Do more than state a solution, show how you will relieve your one reader

Personalized the distribution:

Your content marketing strategy depends on where your one reader hangs out online. Marketers use social media and email to distribute blog posts to their one reader. Sharable content attracts a broader audience, and your business will grow as people link to your posts. You should do market research to find out the top 2–3 channels to market your blog posts.

78% of consumers trust brands that create customized content, and 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a business through organic search results. Personalization leads to relevance, so don’t be afraid to mention specific solutions.

CBD content writing leads to magnetic results

Focus your content on one reader, and you’ll produce results in line with what you spend on marketing. 82% of marketers that consistently blog earn new customers. Now that your post attracted your prospects to your site, it is time to get their email addresses and convert them into active subscribers. Finally, you will have a lifetime customer.

“Businesses that blog experience twice as much email traffic as businesses who don’t,” according to Optinmonster.

Since your goal is to convert prospects into satisfied customers, your blog posts must capture prospects’ attention with valuable information. Prove your CBD product works by addressing your audience’s questions before they ask them.

Each blog post is an opportunity to show your one reader a lifelong transformation. Once they trust your advice, they’ll want more.

You can increase your customer’s lifetime value by turning your one reader into a brand loyalist. All you have to do is match their level of awareness with your blog post content.

Conclusion for CBD content writing

Ace your content writing by making sure it is actionable, compelling, educational, and entertaining. Soft sell your CBD products. If your audience isn’t ready to buy, educating them with content can move them off the fence.

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