World’s Chilliest CBD Email Welcome Flow (Copywriting Review)

Welcome flows have 23x the conversion rate and 4x the click rate (Klaviyo) of standard emails. 85% of CBD companies’ welcome flows are generic or non-existent. With a welcome flow, e-com companies can increase their revenue up to 320% (Invesp).

The world’s chilliest CBD gummies & CBD oil is a great brand to analyze because they are far from traditional. They do a great job of differentiating themselves using:

  • Amine
  • A uniquely fun brand voice
  • The social mission they stand behind

They use a pop-up to collect visitors’ email addresses. After going through their funnel as a potential customer, I notice a chance for them to sell more CBD products. Today, I’ll be focusing on their welcome flow.

Not cutting through the noise in your subscriber’s inbox? Limited time and money to figure it out?

Get a review for your CBD email welcome flow.

CBD Company’s USPs

This CBD company’s most prominent USPs are:

  • Home of the Original CBD Gummy
  • Helping pay for people’s bail since 2017
  • Supports criminal justice reform
  • 4.9 Stars from 4000+ reviews
  • 100% THC & Lab’s Test
  • Organic USA-Grown Hemp

Many of these USPs aren’t enough to make the brand stand out in the CBD industry, but how the CBD brand presents them sets them apart.

Their the only brand that uses Amine exclusively:

The brand voice is like no other CBD company; while most use premium and professional wording, they use phrases like:

  • “That’s !@#$’d up.” (One liner on mission page)
  • “Get dope deals all week.” (Home page copy)
  • “LOOK, MA! I CREATED A WEED BRAND.” (Subheader on Home Page)

Their social mission of supporting criminal justice reform and paying for people’s bail with marijuana charges speaks to where their heart is as a company.

They emphasize their dealers and their support of decriminalizing cannabis as a drug. The company combats the disparities in the criminal justice system. Putting their money where their mouth fits perfectly.

Together, all these factors create a unique experience for the new subscribers. This is how I’d use these elements to create a CBD email welcome flow to optimize their current one.

Defining the Rule of One

The rule of one governs every decision you make about your messaging.

World’s Chilliest One Reader

Their one reader is a person who feels like cannabis is unfairly treated. 22-year-old who’s a liberal & social-conscious entrepreneur balancing a lot of different responsibilities. They’re solution aware.

World’s Chilliest One Offer

$4.20 off the first order.

World’s Chilliest One Promise

The CBD company guarantees to refund your money with no questions, and you don’t have to return the product.

World’s Chilliest One Big Idea

It’s not pot, it’s CBD that’ll help you chill out organically from stress and anxiety. Help us fight against the negative image of cannabis because you know how ridiculous it is.

Welcome Email Flow Assessment

Since their brand voice is so unique, they can bring new subscribers into their world with a flow. They send one email to welcome you, introducing you to their most popular products. They do send a second email to reinforce but nothing after that.

  • Conversation rate
  • AOV
  • LTV

Let’s break down their welcome email.

Messaging Hierarchy Breakdown

The messaging matches their expectations. The one reader doesn’t have any obvious objections, but the goal of a welcome series is to thank them for subscribing, so starting with that is perfect. Instead, I recommend sending a sequence of 5-7 emails to build rapport with the new subscribers so the CBD company can set itself further apart with its messaging.

This CBD brand is missing a major opportunity to increase their:

Next, let them know what you have to offer. Insert your biggest benefits. Keep it short, sweet, and simple but go further than a quick email thanking them for joining.

Offering a discount works. But every CBD company offers 20% off.

The email copy is easy to read. The one reader’s biggest objection is CBD’s associations with cannabis, so it’s pot. The biggest benefit for the reader is that CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects so you don’t have to worry about those effects.

The 2nd most important objection: CBD is questionable legally and there’s not enough proof that it works. The 2nd biggest benefit: CBD is legal on a federal level since the 2018 farm bill.

The 3rd most important objection: most CBD brands are too serious and are taking all the fun out of empowering yourself with the plant. The 3rd biggest benefit: The CBD presents the benefits of the plant in a relatable and entertaining fashion.

1st Welcome Email Flow Subject line

Does the messaging match the pop-up?

Yes. The messaging matches but there isn’t much personality. So the funnel doesn’t match the brand.

Are the one reader’s expectations met?

They send a generic, “Welcome to….” Optimizing their subject line is the best place to start to find their open rates.

I’d use a subject line like:

  • “Introducing NotPot CBD; Open this for $4.20 off”

1st Welcome Email Flow Preview Text

The preview text is non-existent with the code where messaging should be.

I’d use a preview text like:

  • “Get help soaring over stress”

1st Welcome Email Flow Hook

1st Welcome Email Flow Subject line and subheading assessment

They reinforced the welcome with messaging in the header of the email repeating the subject line.

Then they use a GIF but it may distract the subscriber’s focus from the CTA. I recommend using gifs in the non-selling emails in the flow.

I’d use an opening line that meets the one reader where they are at in their head:

  • Say hello to feeling better
  • Less Stress Begins Now.
  • Glide into your wellness transformation with 20% off.
  • Use code: newlife

I’d insert a CTA action immediately after the photo.

Email body copy assessment

They opted to highlight each of their best-selling products, which is a great way to introduce new subscribers. To optimize the email, I’d focus on what CBD has to offer. Using research, the one reader is familiar with CBD but doesn’t know much about it. If they click the CTA, then I’d use this section to build up the value of CBD using social proof and statistics.

Ensure your copywriting makes your one reader feel special, appreciated, and a part of something. Provide opportunities to interact with a brand; list the best sellers or a link to your blog.

First welcome email flow CTA

Does the CTA match the subject line?


CTA assessment

  • Shop (Insert Brand)

I would change the call to action to Discover this Dope Deal to connect to the unique offer of $4.20 off.

Risk reducers and the closers?

Their guarantee migrates risks. But I would add customer reviews and/or testimonials to increase the trust.

Body copy assessment line for line (line-level)

The body copy describes the best-selling products. This can create value so the new subscriber knows what products other people love.

Then I’d let the one reader know what’s in CBD to help them with:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Sleep

For the sake of the campaign and this email, I’d choose the most popular product based on sales and reviews. There is nothing wrong with all the best-selling products but sometimes having too many choices is a bad thing. (Think about when you’re scrolling Netflix).

Finally, I would use a review from a current customer and then a personalized call to action. Whether they click the final CTA or not, I’d send the rest of the campaign.

CTA assessment

The “Shop (product name)” action works. Although I would opt to have more of the brand’s personality in the CTA button. But you don’t want it to be too long.

Risk reducers and the closers?

Their guarantee migrates risks. But I would add customer reviews and/or testimonials to increase the trust.

1st Email Welcome Flow RECAP

Any disconnects with the flow?

There are no disconnects between the pop-up and the first email in the welcome flow. I would opt to introduce the brand and educate the new subscriber on CBD instead of showing the best-selling products. But I don’t think it makes a big difference. I would A/B test the order of the first two emails with a Frankenstein version of both.

2nd Email in the campaign

Subject line

The subject line is simple, yet effective. The company wrote the email for a subscriber who is problem aware but may not know much about CBD as a solution. The audience is most likely a younger demographic so using the acronyms is perfect.

Preview text

Once again the preview text is code so the brand is missing an opportunity to convince a new subscriber to open their email.

2nd Welcome Email Flow Subject line and subheading assessment

The subject line and the subheading match perfectly. The copy is creative yet clear.

Email Body Copy

Body copy assessment line for line (line-level)

The body copy does a great down quickly breaking down frequently asked questions the new subscriber may have.

CTA assessment

The call to action is generic but it works. I would A/B test it with a more creative call to action.

Risk reducers and the closers?

There are no disconnects with the email flow because it flows perfectly with the first email and if the second was written a bit differently it would add up to it.

2nd Email Welcome Flow RECAP

Any disconnects with the flow?

There is so what of a disconnect from the first email because they showed their top products and then educated the new subscriber about CBD. I would reverse the order. I would also combine the first email’s section about the brand with educating the subscriber on CBD. Knocking two birds out with one stone because you are leaving no stone unturned.

3rd Email in the campaign

Subject line

The subject creates urgency but it could do it in a more creative way.

Preview text

The subscriber gets preview text his time and it adds value to the subject line. Also, it reminds the new subscriber of the welcome flow’s one offer.

CBD email welcome flow email body copy

Body copy assessment line for line (line-level)

This time they list their best-selling products but with social proof. They use customer testimonials to encourage the subscriber to buy. I only posted one (no need for the whole email).

CTA assessment

The call to action is creative and it converts higher than a generic CTA. I would A/B test it with a more creative call to action.

3rd Email Welcome Flow RECAP

Any disconnects with the flow?

There are no disconnects with the email flow because it flows perfectly with the first email and if the second was written a bit differently it would add up to it.

Top of the Funnel: Not Pot’s Pop-up

CTA assessment

“Subscribe” is place holder copy. I would replace it with a specific CTA “Get $4.20 off”

Risk reducers and the closers?

I would add a short disclosure about respecting their privacy, not selling their data. The heard “Not Spam” is a creative way to reduce the perceived risk of signing up.

Bottom of the Funnel: Not Pot’s Product Page

The point of having a welcome flow is to sell products. Maybe not right away but at some point. So I always analyze the product page to complete the funnel.

Above the Fold

Right when the subscriber lands on the product page.

Below the Fold

Below the fold, they tell the story of the gummies.

They provide all the details about the ingredients of the gummies. I might move this section up since a lot of CBD users are health-conscious and want to know what they are putting their body. Since their demographic is younger.

CBD email welcome flow social proof

Customer reviews from social media and previous customers show proof that their customers love their products.


The Chilliest CBD Brands Recap

Their CBD email welcome flow is incredible but still has a few shortcomings. I would be able to 2x their welcome flow’s ROI by making a few changes to the sequencing and adding a few more emails. The CBD email welcome flow sales funnel is a money-making machine for the anime-inspired brand.

Don’t send a “Welcome to {Insert brand}” email with 20% off (every CBD brand does that). Don’t send them to a newsletter. Instead, focus on selling.

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