How Gifs, Images, and Visuals Aid CBD Ad Copywriting

Ad copywriting is about clicks. You can enhance it with images or gifs because they’ll get their attention.

Designing your ad ( blog post, landing page, or email) around your copy is critical to delivering a clear message. It helps entice your reader to click through.

“Does your email copy or landing page copy pass the 5-second test?”

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How Visual Elements Aid Ad Copywriting

“Do the images feel real, relatable, and authentic?”


Reduce cognitive load by limiting it to one offer.

“Do they support the emotional strategy?”


People are more distracted while on mobile.

“What does your copy look like mobile?” “Are images stretched or is the copy too long?”


Use two fonts max.

“Can you read the copy on the photo/image?”

Ad Copywriting Buttons

Make the Call-to-action button larger.

“Does the color on the page and buttons support your emotional triggers

Always Test to Optimize

Always test your design across devices, dark mode, and accessibility.

Ad copywriting & Animated Gifs

51.28% of marketers said they sometimes use animated GIFs in their marketing emails, according to the 2020 State of Email. A great way to grab your one reader’s attention is with motion. Use them to stop the scroll or to continue it. Either way, they are effective.

Show off Product

Also, they can highlight your CBD products. Gifs show them off well, especially when the person in the image is using your product. For example, you can show off all the different flavors, sizes, strengths, etc.

Turn a Complex Idea into a Simple One

When writing copy, it is sometimes too much to explain with words, so use a gif to express a complex idea.

Use them to build anticipation for a product launch.

Images & Ad Copywriting

Copywriting and images have gone hand and hand since the beginning of advertising. It is no different in email, as images are worth a thousand words when copy puts that image in context.

Images can personalize your email.

Do they cause a distraction? Do they support the copy’s emotional appeal?

How Often

Use sparingly due to deliverability and accessibility issues.

Worth a Thousand Words

The images must be real, relatable, and authentic, or they’ll throw off your messaging. Images convey meaning. When paired with copywriting, they enhance the effectiveness by .

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