Call-to-Action Examples: CBD Web Copywriting Breakdown

…Who knew a little button could have all that power?

I’m presenting call-to-action examples from around the net for you. With factors like size and placement coming into play, how much does messaging matter? Amplify the value with your copywriting.

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The whole purpose of your email is to get the subscriber to take action. CBD companies do have email campaigns that entertain, educate or both. But since most are DTC eCommerce stores, email campaigns that sell are their bread and butter.

Call-to-actions get the sales. The bottom line is you have to get the subscriber from their inbox to your product’s sales page. The design has a major impact, but I’ll focus on the email copy associated with the call-to-actions.

Have the customer visualize what you want them to do with a call to action.

Web Copy Call to Action Examples

Converting “call-to-actions” highlight your product’s value to your one reader. Make it clear their click will be worth their time. Take your most compelling value proposition and place it in a shiny button.

Email Copy Call to Action Examples

How do you determine the best primary CTA to get the subscriber out of their inbox and onto your landing page?

Yes, the CTA is the button you want them to click. But here’s the thing…

It must highlight the value of what happens next (what’s in it for them) to convince them to click. Set the expectation. Conveying that value proposition is challenging so often, we see generic buttons, “buy now,” “click now.”

Be clear about exactly what they get for investing their time in your email and landing page. Convey that value proposition in a CTA with copy that convinces the one reader to interact with the button.

Use verbs to antie up your value proposition. Some examples are:

End with a strong push to action answering the question, “what is the cost of not clicking this button now? “What do I stand to lose by not engaging further with this brand?”

Landing page Call-to-Action Examples

Once your subscriber lands on your page, you want the call-to-action button to stand out. Most CBD companies use a generic “add to cart” button and “subscribe & save.”

Your Call-to-Action Messaging Counts

To convince your one reader to click, your copywriting must be persuasive. Most “call to actions” are 3-5 words, so you have to do a lot with a little to incentivize your audience to click. Describe the value and what will happen next.

Use verbs. Create a sense of urgency or timeliness. Think about the commitment you want them to make. Commitments can be low or high.

Use verbs that set the expectation. Low commitments are more effective in campaigns.

There’s the most popular one, “Learn more” for education campaigns.

“Buy (insert product name) Now” is the industry go-to for call-to-actions.

Remember that many of your subscribers will be viewing your emails from mobile. According to the Litmus 2021 State of Email Engagement, 44.7% of opens are on a mobile device.

Amount of CTAs

Hone your messaging with one call to action or a lot. I have seen up to 5 CTA in a CBD email. I say two is more than enough.

You have your primary and secondary CTA. Instead of buttons, you may elect to use styled text links. Just make sure the is a different color from the primary copy and underlined.

Wrapping up CTA’s

Call-to-actions have to seal the deal. Go beyond “show now” to get more sales. Personalized cta’s far outweigh generic words placed in the most important button.

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