7 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Content Writer to Craft your CBD Blog Posts

“Mission Impossible…”

You start up with your laptop looking for help with your content writing. You need a content writer who understands your blog posts’ role in your sales funnel. You’ve hired content writers before, but the posts weren’t compelling.

Finding a freelance content writer familiar with the CBD industry seems like it’ll never happen. You can write content because everybody writes in 2022 (you even read Ann Handley’s book).

But the Content Marketing Institute names producing engaging content (63 percent), measuring content effectiveness (60 percent), and measuring ROI (59 percent) as the top five challenges for marketers.

Outsourcing your content writing addresses your needs. 73 percent of companies hire someone to take care of their content marketing strategy. And in return?

These businesses see six times higher conversion rates.

So why would you work with a freelance content writer?

Imagine being the hero in the office even though you still have the obstacles of…

  • A hectic or busy schedule
  • Budget limitations
  • A lack of resources
  • Needing an expert
  • Low confidence is your persuasive writing

Get help connecting your target audience efficiently, making your efforts more profitable. Here’s how to get the job done.

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Reason #1 to Hire a Freelance Content Writer: Get the Job Done Efficiently

Buy yourself time.

Can your in-house staff concentrate solely on crafting 3-6 blog posts to pump up your sales funnel in 2 weeks?

Of course, but that may cost your company dearly. The root issue is producing them without reducing their normal output. Don’t increase tension amongst your team. The simplest solution is hiring an outside resource dedicated to completing the project promptly. Freelance content writers write all day, every day.

A freelance content writer is a messaging problem solver. A professional time saver dedicated to producing high-quality projects to build their relationship with you.

We value your time.

 “I value my time like it’s gold in Fort Knox.


How simple is it to hire us?

  • Skim the content writer’s portfolio
  • Schedule a discovery call
  • Set a deadline

Concrete on the fit and increase your ROI.

Reason #2: Freelance Content Writers are Cost-Effective

Call on us to convert leads into sales. Get more for less money.

We only ask for a meaningful relationship with your company through a specific project. Freelance copywriters meet your needs with short-term or long-term contracts.

We don’t want:

  • Office Space
  • Benefits
  • A salary

Freelance writers live for (and off of) results. The content we produce is a lifelong asset for your company and us – a true partnership. Your improved brand awareness, leads, and sales make us just as happy as you.

Here’s an example of evergreen content writing that can be disturbed to your social channels, email lists, and visitors through SEO.

CBD Reduces Stress

How to Find the “Perfect” CBD Product

Reason #3: Masters of Education

Research. Results. Repeat. We sell through copywriting but educate future buyers with content. We understand the connection between the two.

Each word persuades your prospect while speaking their language. Every word appeals to:

  • Innate desires
  • Evoking emotions
  • Prompting action

Influence and persuasion with words are what we do. We get an emotional response from your audience and appeal to their logic.

The means to an end creates an experience in your audience’s mind that adds satisfaction to their life. Features translate into benefits, and customers see transformations.

  • We create meaningful imagery with visual language
  • A freelance content writer can evoke emotions with superlatives
  • The content will be specific as possible

Examples of compelling content:

The Clueless Buyer’s Guide to Finding Trustworthy CBD Online

“Will I get high from full-spectrum CBD?”

Reason #4 to Hire a Freelance Content Writer: Experienced Strategist

“Communication is just getting information from one brain to another brain”

Neville Medhora

We understand your bigger picture and connect it to your ideal buyer’s journey. A content writer understands what content will educate your audience. We craft content with the following in mind:

  • Search intent
  • Expectation matching
  • Message matching

A freelance content writer will incorporate your digital marketing strategy into the:

  • Research and discovery phase
  • Messaging hierarchy
  • Writing
  • Revisions
  • Editing
  • Publishing

Reason #5: Freelance Content Writers are in a League of their Own

A freelance content writer will translate the information your audience needs into a blog post. Our mental skillset includes:

  • General knowledge – using our human experiences to create converting ideas
  • Specific knowledge – An expert on your audience, product, and/or service
  • CBD Industry’s best practices
  • Direct response copywriting formulas like AIDA, PAS, BRB, PMES

We don’t write the content to “sell directly” but use copywriting techniques to make your audience comment, share it, and sign-up for your email list. We create content that feeds your welcome campaign.

Your content writing can answer your audience’s questions by addressing their needs.

Reason #6 to Hire a Freelance Content Writer: Stylistic Perks

Content writers hone in on the clarity of the overall messaging and each line. We focus on cadence, flow, voice, and tone. But we ensure the blog post is valuable to your audience by making the content actionable. Freelancers express the value of your CBD product in the fewest words possible. We are word specialists.

Photo credit: Sunday Scaries

Your blog can be more than helpful tips. It can also showcase your brand’s personality.

Creativity is Connectivity

Eugene Schwartz

Reason #7: A Vital Asset to Your Team

You will have a new trusted partner. Freelance content writers are more than willing to work side-by-side with:

  • Web designers
  • Social media teams
  • Customer Service
  • Salespeople

It’s a lifestyle, not a job for a dedicated freelance content writer. We are passionate about people, psychology, persuasion, words, measurables, and results. Our hunger for more knowledge pays off in crafting content.

Bonus: Best Traits to Look For

With these traits, we will persuade your target audience with educational messaging that answers their questions. Since we know the market like the back of our hands, we can differentiate your content from your competitors. The best traits to look for are:

  • Curiosity
  • Assertiveness
  • Excitement
  • Tenacity
  • Flexibility
  • Discipline
  • Good interrogation skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Writing skills


Hire a freelance content writer to get yourself out of a mental rut. Save yourself from stress and invest your time in higher-level duties. All of this VALUE comes with working with a freelance content writer.

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