What’s the Best Email Length for CBD eCommerce brands?

Less is best when it comes to email copy. Easily digestible copywriting refer to subscribers reading your emails from their phone in a crowded inbox. Emails are naturally teasers, so it’s the body copy’s job to trigger a click.

The subject line and preview text must attract and intrigue. But it must be done with conciseness.

The Average Email Length

Visually most emails are between 1,500 and 2,000 pixels in vertical length. And they always maintain a 60/40 text/image ratio. In 2016, a Boomerang study involving over 40 million emails determined which factors led to getting more responses:

The recommended width is 600px. Each email has one goal, message, and a call to action.

Average Emails Length

AWeber found 434 words is the average email length (which takes about 3.3 minutes to read). Less noise comes with fewer words and since your clickthrough rate (CTR) is an important metric, keep it to a minimum.

  • Educational emails (25 words and up to 500 words)
  • Sales emails (75-100 words)
  • Welcome campaigns (50 words or 3 sentences)

But when it comes to determining the length of your email, the golden rule is to ensure you deliver on the promise you made in the subject line.

Example of concise email body copy

How to Eliminate the Extra Words

Although the industry’s best practices are to keep the email copy minimal, make sure you leave an impression. It starts with your headline and preview text.

Be concise. Be precise. Add visuals to explain complex topics. Unpack summaries. It’s that simple.

Email Length Wrap-Up

Use less words, but the top priority is ensuring the message is clear. You want to provide value and authenticity. And then worry about the length.


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