The Ultimate Formula to Gain Your CBD Customer’s Attention Right Away

Get your audience to stop, drop, and open their wallets to shop with AIDA. But how?

The well-known copywriting formula creates a slippery slope that converts prospects into brand loyalists.

Grab their attention with your headline. Keep it for more than 2.6 seconds by piquing their interest with entertaining and educating information. Sell them their new future after using the benefits of your product. The copy should speak to their desires.

Immediately, call them to action by telling them the next step.

A in AIDA is for Attention/Headlines & Hooks

Your headline drives web traffic but only if it is beneficial. Create the right emotion with your choice of words, and your CBD landing page, website, email, or ad will pull visitors to the subheadline. Get the reader’s emotions involved when the copywriting speaks to their:

  • Fears
  • Anxieties
  • Aspirations

“Your readers should be so compelled to read your copy that they cannot stop reading until they read all of it as if sliding down a slippery slide.”

Joseph Sugarman

Resonate with the readers by solving their problems (in an ultra-specific, unique, useful, and urgent way). That creates the perfect selling environment for your product. Tease the value to begin the buyer’s journey into your sales funnel.

For example, “Big Commerce Essentials Review: Is It the Best eCommerce Platform for Your Online Business?”

The headline above teases to give the reader an honest review of one of the biggest eCommerce platforms without the bias of the company’s own advertising. The benefit is learning the advantages/disadvantages of hosting your store using their tools through an actual personal experience.

Create harmony with the audience you’re trying to attract by making a promise. Compelling headlines thrust interested people down the slippery slope because they generate curiosity.

I in AIDA is for Interest and Hooks/Leads

Keep the slippery slope continuing with interesting facts and/or information that immediately addresses your audience’s needs. Hook them!

The Hook

The lead sentence/introduction continues that one BIG idea you state in the attention part of the formula. Fulfill the promise you made with relevant value to set the tone for the next section of copy. Use the following to create a great hook:

  • Quotes
  • Statistics (interesting/shocking)
  • Facts
  • A story (anecdote/personal experience)
  • Asking a question
  • Words like imagine or envision

Depicting a pain point, educating your audience, or creating a fear of missing out using one of the options above generates results. Because engaging the reader taps into their frontal lobe (home to our emotions, personality, and decision-making). Activating it establishes that human connection that is vital for success online.

For example, the first line of your email to your audience may be, “increase your traffic by 31% like our current client Lammie Candies using our traffic tools.”

Capturing their interest, keeping their attention, and converting your visitors is about positioning your solution to sell itself.

D in AIDA is for Desire and Concrete Proof

Create desire by showing your audience their new life after they use your CBD product. Bridge the benefits with the features, so your audience doesn’t have to imagine them.

How to Bridge the Proof Gap

Portrait the clear value with concrete examples and real-life success stories (testimonials/case studies). You can show what life would be like if they fail to act or continue dealing with that pain point to create urgency. Use concrete evidence (social proof is the best) to support your claims and propel your audience to the last step.

For example, Lammes Candies’ 31% increase was prompted by a switch from a storefront to eCommerce. Before their online store, customers could only shop during store hours. Now, they noticed customers spend the most money on Friday night around 10 pm. That information helps you increase sales.

Other Ways to Show Concrete Evidence

  • Statistics
  • Results
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials

The Difference Between Interest and Desire

Build interest with entertaining, educational information. Make the product memorable, funny, or arousing. Show your audience your product is the solution.

Build desire with emotionally-driven content. Showing your audience the benefits, features, and social proof your solution will solve their problem. Show your audience how your product will transform their life.

The A in AIDA is for Action

Persuading your audience to take immediate action is the goal of the last step.

A closed mouth doesn’t get feed.


The sole purpose of your landing page, website, email, or ad is to get your audience to purchase your CBD product. Make it as easy as possible for them. There’s no need for friction at the end of the slippery slope.

Make the action you want your audience to take clear and concise. The final step should be obvious to them. Entice the conversion with a link embedded in your call to action button. Offer a guarantee for more sales.

Common CTA’s You Shouldn’t Use

Generic CTA’s kill your momentum, so avoid them at all costs. Be as specific as possible without a lengthy sentence.

“Buy Now” is overused, so try using your product name between the two words. Or describe what transformation will occur after they use your product.

“Add to Cart/Add to Bag” is simple, but adding more personality will likely increase your CTA buttons since it’ll speak directly to your one reader. The generic term is good for a placeholder but not detailed enough to be optimized.

Some call-to-actions you can use are:

  • Get Access Now
  • Get Now
  • Get Started
  • Send (Your Product) Now!
  • Grab (Your Product) Today!
  • Shop Now (Facebook Ad)
  • Learn Now (Facebook Ad)

Your CTA should Match Your Headline

The action and value you expressed in the headline belong in the call to action button because mirroring connects the user’s experience from top to bottom. Your CTA doesn’t have to be exactly what you stated but restates the value of your product. To increase your conversions, add a line of copy that assures your one reader the value they will receive.

AIDA Wrapped Up

Use copywriting best-kept secret AIDA as the foundation for all your sales content. Including:

  • Ads
  • Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Social media copy
  • Websites

Attention, interest, desire, and action are the core elements of your messaging in every aspect of your marketing but use the formula in tandem with others.

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