13 of the best COPY EDITING TOOLS to Improve your eCommerce UX Right Now

Copy editing tools help convert eCommerce visitors into customers. But making a long-lasting impression in 5 seconds or fewer isn’t easy. Copywriting connects readers to clarity, creating “context” in a congested online world.

Approximately 47% of adults in the United States experience considerable difficulty in performing tasks that required them to integrate or synthesize information from complex or lengthy texts.

National Center for Education Statistics

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Yes, it can take hours, days, or weeks to revise to the point your audience will understand how your health product/service solves their problem. Yet, UX is a vital part of optimizing your sales. Speed up the process without sacrificing quality. How? Let me explain.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll learn how to

  • Ease the reading effort for all your visitors
  • Improve your conversion rate by lowering your bounce rate
  • Communicate your USP precisely to increase your profit margin
  • Save time using editing tools to highlight the strengths/weaknesses of your copywriting

Why Copy Editing Online is Vital

COVID-19 is showing us the importance of well-written websites. As we grow more digital day by day, communicating clearly is essential. It automates selling your health and wellness products/services online by connecting the dots. So edit ruthlessly to increase the clarity.

Wayyy back in 1998, a Nielsen Norman Group study was done that showed, a rewritten website scored 159% higher than the original in measured usability.

Technically, copy editing is….

The definition of the purpose for copy editing tools

Copy editing for the web is concisely illustrating important information through adding, removing, and choosing words. Plus, there is punctuation and grammar.

Readability can set limits on your potential customer’s interest in your health and wellness product/service. This can “make or break” their experience with your brand. Users will leave your site before you even get a chance to convert them.

Keep your copy simple by using editing tools to improve its clarity. Revising for readability helps visitors’ FEEL your solution for their problem with “WHY BUY” messaging.

Editing is not just about fixing the grammar, it’s about fixing the clarity for your reader.

Ann Handley

Copy Editing Tools Help with Cognitive Fluency

Cognitive fluency refers to the subjective experience of the ease or difficulty of completing a mental task.

Cognitive fluency may be the most underrated aspect of the user experience because it affects customers’ perceptions and behavior. People can be persuaded easier when your messaging is easy to comprehend. When your visitors are more receptive, they click the buy button.

Yes, a typo-free website helps. But poor copywriting makes any investment you made in vein.

Good writing starts with rewriting.

Eddie Shhleyner, Very Good Copy

During copy editing, think about the ease or difficulty your visitors will have mentally processing your copywriting. Make it as easy as possible for them to understand.

Copy editing is a dynamic process of perfecting your eCommerce site’s effectiveness at getting consumers to click. But it’s worth it.

Side Note

In 2016, CXL’s Aaron Orendorff stated the most notorious place for clutter is the homepage. Sticker Mule’s revenue dropped by nearly 48% when they added too much content.

Flesch Reading Ease Test & UX

Use the editing tools to figure out what the Flesch reading score is and that will ensure your copy doesn’t go over your visitor’s heads. According to Readable, 83% of people will finish your content if the readability level is 5th grade instead of 12th grade.

Developed in 1975 for the U.S. Navy, a higher score on the Flesch Reading Ease Test means your content is easier to read. Measuring the readability of your copywriting gives you a good indication if your visitors will understand what they perceive.

Flesch Reading Ease Test is a great copy editing tool.

Source: Wikipedia

When using the tools below try to aim for a score between 60.0–70.0, unless your audience requires a higher level of comprehension.

Some popular publications readability index are:

  • Reader’s Digest – 65
  • Time – 52
  • Harvard Review – low 30’s

Use online editing tools to get the Flesch Reading Ease Test score so you write your content accordingly.

Tools Help Create Clear & Concise Converting Web Copy

"The average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s — seriously." – Digitalinformationworld Click To Tweet

When editing your website copywriting:

  1. Think about the structure of your site
  2. The purpose of the copy

Persuasion on the internet is about capturing your target audience’s attention. The average attention span of an adult is 8 seconds.

Basically, your target audience needs to know who you are and why they should buy from you.

You can be “flashy” but if visitors don’t understand your metaphor or your hyperbole overload then you probably lost them. Hopefully, not forever. (Everyone deserves a second chance, right?)

According to a 2008 Nielsen Norman Group study, users read only 28% of the words. To negate losing your audience to the millions of other things there are to do while they are online, use these tips to make your copywriting more appealing.

Gold Fish need you to use copy editing tools to keep their attention

Copy Editing Tools for Readability & Consistency

A UX-friendly writing style (voice and tone) needs uniformity. Increase the readability by delivering valuable knowledge in the same tone and voice.

Consistent web copy makes the experience more polished, therefore presenting your company in a professional manner. A cohesive message builds credibility and trust. Reliability generates leads.

Be consistent with the:

  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Formatting
  • Terminology
  • Capitalizations
  • Commas
  • Spelling
  • Hyphens
  • Acronyms

Following the lead of Joseph Sugarman’s quote, “the goal of every sentence is to get the next one read,” every single sentence has to consistently advance the action.

The consistent flow of the “slippery slope” leads to fluency heuristic.

Fluency heuristic – the easier an idea or information is to understand, the more likely it is to be accepted. 

Developing a style that has consistent formatting and structure. The copy and other on-page elements of your web pages working together only increases the persuasiveness of your copywriting.

YoastSEO’s readability tool has an acceptable frequency of long sentences of 25% or less and passive sentences at less than 10%. Using editing tools statistics will keep your writing consistent so clarity isn’t an issue.

Emphasize the benefits over features while keeping in mind most visitors will scan the website for meaningful information. Ensure your web copy and each page of your website is cohesive with a simple structure.

How Can Copy Editing Tools Optimize Your Website?

According to Neil Patel, readability is directly linked to:

  • How Google indexes and rates your website
  • If people like your content
  • Your revenue

Since we’ve all got options online, your website’s bounce rate is often tied to your UX. Their experience is more than words but copywriting provides context and meaning. Meaning equals money. In eCommerce, meaning equals conversion rate optimization.

A Referral Rock survey found out, 36% of marketers said copy has the greatest impact on conversion rate, while 33% named design. To fix your bounce rates with copywriting that correlates with the consumers, focus on optimizing your visitors’ experience.

Improving your website copy will inspire those "window shoppers" to become long term loyalists as the brand speaks to their needs for better health outcomes. Click To Tweet

A great user experience starts with meaningful copywriting that is:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Creative

It efficiently solves your consumers insecurities about your health and wellness company, product, or service.

Copy and paste your website copywriting into the editing tool:

  • If the score is too low – simplify your sentences
  • If the readability index is too high, add some brand personality, creativity, or even industry-specific jargon

Increase your conversion rate using copy editing tools by measuring the readability of your web copywriting.

How to Optimize with Copy Editing Tools?

To increase the duration of your user sessions, have copy that tells, compels, and sells your visitors that you have the solution for their problem. Edelman provided insight that only 10 percent of people think any given brand communicates their motivations and concerns.

1.Create a value proposition by combining your:

  • VoC data
  • Customer feedback
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Goals

2. Edit the messaging (repeatedly) until it increases your conversion rate.

Successful web copywriting is partly creative but mostly scientific so use your research to:

  1. Rearrange your unique selling proposition by popularity
  2. Condense the benefits to the most relevant ones
  3. Implement a segmentation, personalization, and stage of awareness strategy within your brand’s unique voice
  4. Completely rewrite the copy based on the numbers
Use the editing tools when you feel like your web copy is miles away from being published to speed up the process. Click To Tweet


Revising is a process that can go on forever so make sure you set deadlines but don’t rush this part of your customer’s experience.

Optimizing Readability with Copy Editing Leads to Revenue

Do different types of editing depending on the needs of your web copywriting. How bad is your website tanking?

You see plenty of views, but no one is clicking. Whelp! It’s time to reorganize all the copy during a heavy copy editing revamp.

Your editing process can be complex or simple.

“1) Write the entire text. 2) Set your text aside for a few hours or days. 3) Return to your text fresh and edit.” -Dean Rieck, “the best direct response copywriter in America.” 

Fine-tooth comb editing may not be necessary. Let the analytics predict what level of copy editing needs to be done on the website.

Heavy copy editing includes changes from the style to the sentence structure.

You can work on:

  • The voice and the tone by choosing better diction
  • Reducing the wordiness of your messaging
  • Is there passive voice

The editing list can be endless. Testing is the best way to perfect what words convert your visitors most often.

Medium copy editing can consist of addressing problems in the website copy that you are aware of without having to change the entire messaging.

Light copy editing can be done based on quick insights provided by data or observations.

Google found visitors form a judgment in the first 50 milliseconds. Convert them into consumers faster by editing it into their language. Be precise and clear so cognitive fluency, readability, and your UX are converting powerhouses.

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Create an editing process that allows you to revise the copy at least 3 times.

Increase Conversions Through Comprehension with Copy Editing Tools

The process of fine-tuning your copywriting makes the difference between prompting clicks or producing a high bounce rate. Your passion for your product and your expertise are clear only after you polish your messaging.

The most important correlation between revenue and readability is understanding. As a result, clarity reigns supreme in converting your health and wellness audience into customers.

No one will ever complain that you’ve made things too simple to understand.

Ann Handley

Editing your website to convert isn’t just shortening up the word count. Instead, use the opportunity to create emotionally-rich web copy that is fine-tuned for conversion.

Focus on both the small details and the big picture, so your website will be easy to read. Use editing tools to achieve a user experience that is the talk of the net (good ole fashion word of mouth). The health and wellness industry is estimated to be worth between $3.4 trillion and $4.2 trillion.

A Well-trained Brain is the Best Copy Editing Tool

Reading out loud is the most productive way to edit your web copywriting. Start to read your copy from the end to the beginning (backwards) to catch typos, errors, and awkwardness.

When you read it out loud edit the:

  • Awkward sounding phrases
  • Sentence structure and comma placements
  • Obvious information that you hear missing
  • Missing transitions
  • Underused words
  • Repetitive words and phrases (especially with keywords)

Paying attention to every little detail makes the difference between communicating clearly and leaving the prospect’s confused.

Avoid foggy web copy with simple and straightforward messaging.

Tools for Copy Editing Website Copy

Keywords are going to be naturally embedded in your website copy since your writing for the web. Although SEO is a lot more than keywords, use tools catered towards an online audience to help you.

  1. Some copywriters focus on creating the content for humans and then crafting the keywords in the copy
  2. Others do all their keyword research first and then craft the piece so their copywriting is appealing to humans and search engines

Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

Copy editing tool Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

Quick Summary:

Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Check is the best tool to use to make sure there is no plagiarism. It has a lot of other useful tools for text available.

What I love about it:

Confirms your content is unique.

When to use:

Whenever you’re concerned with verbiage that is too close to your competitors.

Yoast SEO

Copy editing tool Yoast SEO Read-able

Quick Summary:

Yoast SEO is a popular plugin for WordPress that focuses on SEO. As your crafting content in WordPress, the readability analysis points out:

  • The percentage of transition words
  • The Flesch Reading Ease score
  • Passive Voice

Yoast SEO also looks at

  • Consecutive sentences
  • Subheading distribution
  • Paragraphs
  • Sentence lengths

What I love about it:

It gives your instant feedback on your readability. You can make decisions based on the color of each meter. Remember, your audience determines what score you’re aiming for on the Flesch Reading Ease test.

When to use:

Use YoastSEO when you’re putting your content into the CM.


Copy editing tools

Quick Summary:

The Read-able tool streamlines the process by analyzing the whole page at once. They stated a business should have a score between 65-70 on the Flesch Reading Ease test. To measure the readability, it also uses test such as

  • Gunning Fog
  • SMOG Index
  • Coleman Liau Index
  • Automated Readability Index

It also has text statistics as well.

What I love about it:

You can use it to see what the current readability of your website is. Therefore, you can get an idea of what your audience is experiencing before you decide what to edit.

When to use:

Before you take a deep dive into your content.


Copy Editing Tools Copyscape

Quick Summary:

A full-page originality checker.

What I love about it:

You can use it to quickly check for plagiarism.

When to use:

Right before your site goes live to ensure there is no plagiarism in any of the content.


Copy editing tool Unsuck It

Quick Summary:

It provides alternatives to jargon.

What I love about it:

It probably doesn’t need to be used that often but it does provide quality alternatives and definitions.

When to use:

If it is necessary to remove jargon.


Copy editing tool Sem Rush

Quick Summary:

A data focused tool that helps you decide how competitive your keywords are.

What I love about it:

Sem Rush isn’t really a tool for editing, but you can use it to see what keywords are more important to include in your website copy.

When to use:

You can also see what questions people are asking related to your keywords. This helps your editing brain tailor your web copywriting to what people’s search intent is.


Quick Summary:

A Neil Patal keyword tool that provides analytics for your content ideas.

What I love about it:

The tool will help you decide which keyword is worth including by providing statistics, as well as what sites rank the highest for that keyword.

When to use:

Use Ubersuggest to help you determine what keywords to rank for.


Quick Summary:

A tool to help you find long-tail keywords

What I love about it:

The tool provides ideas for medium and long-tail keywords.

When to use:

Use Wordtracker when you’re optimizing your page for medium and long-tail keywords.

Tools Used for Copy Editing

Hemingway Editor

Quick Summary:

It is an online tool that gives writers tips on creating a better document by providing a readability score (based on grade level). 

It also has a counter for

  • Words
  • Characters
  • Paragraphs
  • Sentences

What I love about it:

It highlights complex sentences in red and categorizes them as “very hard to read” sentences.

The Hemmingway editor points out common errors and lengthy sentences in yellow. The editor even suggests to shorten these sentences or split them into two.

It also points out:

  • passive voice (green highlights)
  • phrases that have simpler alternatives (purple highlights)
  • adverbs (blue highlights)

When to use:

To make your messaging clear and simple.

Slick Write 

Quick Summary:

Slick Write highlights

  • Adverbs
  • Complex sentences
  • Usage of prepositional phrases

Also, it breaks down

  • Structural elements
  • Sentence length
  • Flow of the lengths

What I love about it:

The statistics feature is extremely helpful for looking for stylistic mistakes.

It has three indexes that measure

  • Passive voice
  • Prepositional phrases
  • Reading level

It shows the percentage of your,

  • Vocabulary variety
  • Adverbs
  • Functions words
  • Pronouns
  • Uncommon words

in your website copy.

When to use:

You use the slick write editor when you need a quick breakdown of your website copy. It’ll highlight the words and have a description about the type of word it is.

For example, it’ll highlight an adverb and tell you to consider revising the copy if there are too many adverbs (5.5%).


Quick Summary:

Grammarly focuses on correcting over 250 types of grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and vocabulary usage. Grammarly has a blog that provides writing tips.

What I like:

The quick suggestions it provides with its plugin. The overall score helps you determine if the copy is hitting its marks.

The clarity, engagement, and delivery meters are quick insights that can strengthen the point you are getting across.

When to use:

Whenever you are editing anything go with Grammarly.

Writing Reviser 

Quick Summary:

It is an add on for Google Doc users. It highlights key elements of writing like wordiness, passive voice, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences.

What I like:

It doesn’t suggest anything but it does point out all the different structural aspects of your words, sentences, and allows you to sweep through with precision.

When to use:

If you need a deep level look at the words of your website.


Quick Summary:

A web editor that captures spelling, grammar, and style issues.

What I like:

This online editor helps with word choice and it has a summary that breaks down your copywriting quickly.

When to use:

Use ProWritingAid for all of your editing needs.

Microsoft Word Spellchecker

Quick Summary:

Highlights common errors and has a basic spell checker feature. The real genius of Word is the “Read Aloud” feature.

What I like:

I only use Word for the “Read Aloud” feature but I LOVE listening to client copy out loud as I’m revising.

When to use:

When you need to hear your copywriting out loud.

Books that Help with Copy Editing

On Writing Well

A reference book for writing quality words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Proofreading Handbook

A well-written reference book on how to proofread. It provides a formula for dead/live versions of the document that ensure accurate and consistent editing.  She walks the reader through a step-by-step process for editing and proofreading.

Editor-Proof Your Writing: 21 Steps to the Clear Prose Publishers and Agents Crave (Great Books for Writers)

I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this book, but it came up frequently doing my research.

Online Resources

Grammar Girl 


Last Words on Copy Editing to Convert

Optimizing your readability will decrease your site’s bounce rate. Capture your consumers’ world as they see it and deliver the right message. If they have a clear understanding of how beneficial it is for them, your health and wellness products/services will sale.

After revising your current web copy, your prospects will be converted into customers that won’t be able to wait to tell their friends the experience they had. You will always be optimizing!

(Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Please provide any additional tools).

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