Web Copy is the Batman of Your Conversion Funnel

Web copywriting is just like Batman. How? Let me explain.

Unbounce analyzing 40k landing pages revealed copywriting is 2x more effective than design (28% vs. 13%).

Solve the crime of losing traffic with a conversion funnel built around your website’s message.

Copywriting saves the day by speaking directly to your One Reader’s deepest desires. But how does your company cut through the clutter?

Audience research will provide all the answers you need to know. Be a detective like Batman.

But first ask yourself:

  • What’s the purpose of your website?
  • What do you want your messaging to accomplish?

Your website’s images, videos, and great design are important. But cohesive messaging is the best way to quickly persuade your audience.

Do you underestimate the conversion power of your website copy? Most do.

Can Batman be a better superhero than Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Flash?

Where would your ROI be without losing those website visitors that don’t make a purchase or signup for the email list?

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By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll learn how to

  • In 5 seconds or less, make a great impression and rank higher on Google
  • Keep visitors engaged and win leads, appointments, sales, etc
  • Make your company memorable
  • Make it more likely the visitors will return

Imagine people coming from a Google search, a Facebook ad, or a social media post and converting into your brand’s loyal customers.


Because you solved their problem by presenting real tangible solutions.

Consumers are smart. You have to work smarter to get CONVERSIONS.

According to Demand Curve’s Julian Shapiro, “75% of site traffic will leave after only seeing your homepage.” To convert more visitors, make their journey less confusing and hone your messaging.

Using your website to connect to the needs and desires of your target audience creates a goldmine of consumer knowledge and profit. Bring them in with solid headlines that work.

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The Goal of Web Copy

Batman is always laser-focused on the goal. To create high converting web copy:

  1. Define the purpose of your website and each particular landing page
  2. Think about your target audience’s journey through your sales funnel
  3. What do you want the reader to do after landing on your website?

The answers to your questions will help you develop the main point you want to convey.

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Are you generating sales? Or do you want to qualify prospects? Maybe, you’re more interested in answering inquiries.

Whatever the end goal is, put the audience first.

Focus on generating trust. The key element is writing for real people. Remember to target your audience. Use a formula to get their attention and convert it into action.

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The sole purpose of your website is to show your audience your product/service will defeat that evil problem. The issue that prevents them from being the best version of themselves.

Establish a mood of trust, rapport, and credibility by showing you understand their needs, mood, and personality.

Trust converts so create a positive user experience. Be vivid and personal with your messaging. Directly address your ideal buyer. Speak about their wants and needs. Be clear about it.

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Start with the overall goal and then move forward. Remember the goal of every word is to get the audience to continue reading (Joseph Sugerman’s Axiom 2).

The ultimate goal is to get the audience to take action.

According to the six-figure copywriter Jacob Mcmillen,

Generating leads is the goal. Websites sell.

5 Ways to Transform Your Profit with COPYWRITING

The Focus of Web Copy

Web copy is more persuasive when it focuses on your customers, rather than your company. Picture who you are writing for and focus on making your main point.

Does your main point focus on your audience?

Think about the challenges and problems they face and how your product/service provides the solution(s). Lead with that solution/point so the visitor doesn’t have to scroll.

Create an emotional connection with your audience. Focus on reaching your ideal buyer by using their language and addressing your audience’s:

  • Beliefs
  • Feelings
  • Needs
  • Wishes
  • Desires

Be personal. Be direct.

Focus on conveying the benefits of your business to your audience.

Be intentional. Be vivid.

Explain the solution your company provides by telling a story.

Always include:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • how you do it
  • who you help

Your web copy has to convey your unique selling proposition. Try to sum it all up in one or two sentences. Make your website copywriting cohesive. FOCUS on providing the information your prospects need to know to buy from you.

Your focus is convincing your prospects to buy from you.

Features and Benefits

To sell your products/service, you need to focus on the benefits you provide to your readers.

Features are facts about your product or service.
Benefits are what your product does for your readers.
Value proposition is the promise of the value you offer to your ideal reader. 

Selling is understanding people, so think wants vs. needs or risks vs. rewards or even groups vs. individuals. How will your product/service make their life better? Your audience doesn’t care about your company or products, just themselves.

Your website copywriting makes your money when it is well written.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your service save costs?
  • How about reducing stress?
  • Does your product generate more revenue?
  • Will it make your ideal buyer more productive?

Solve their problems. By speaking in their language, you get them emotionally involved.

Highlight the most desirable value propositions. Start a conversation with your audience. To increase your conversion rate, entice your visitors with copy that resonates.

Be credible. Be concise.

  • Find out your audience’s pain points and understand the feelings that drive those pain points
  • Match the quality of your product/service with a benefit
  • Find the best value proposition to convert up 3x more leads
  • In short, make sure the selling points say a lot with a little

Don’t tell the audience your whole story. Think of your landing page as a billboard. Capture your value propositions in the:

You can tell them what you offer, the key benefit, how you solve their problem, etc.

Henneke Duistermaat’s 5-star book, How to Write Seductive Web Copy: An Easy Guide to Picking Up More Customers conveys a simple step-by-step process to writing your website copy. It’s a quick read if want to learn more. Let’s continue our superhero conversation about your site’s ability to empower the hearts and minds of searching consumers.

The Hero Section

The hero section is the visible part of the web page when the audience first lands on your site. It should include the header and the subheader. Both sell your brand with the benefits and value propositions you created for your audience. An image is strongly encouraged but optional. Hook the readers by prioritizing the features that benefit your audience the most.

Add your company’s

  • Why
  • What
  • How
  • When


Large images paired with informative copy is a common technique used. Ensure your unique selling proposition communicates your values and your mission.

Be enticing.

Translate all the features of your product/service into a benefit for your visitors.

Be specific.

State the high-level purpose of your business.


Use your header to explain what you do. Keep your header within 6-12 words. Write a full description of what you’re are selling.


Use your subheader to describe how you do it. Keep your subheader within 10-13 words. Explain how you uniquely solve your customer’s issue.

The Fold

Ensure your websitecopywriting is primarily above the fold

The fold describes a web browser window’s bottom border. The fold is the HERO section but could include more.

5 Ways to Transform Your Profit with COPYWRITING

Elements of Scannable Website Copy

Every website should have these copywriting elements to enhance the reader’s experience.

  • navigation bar
  • headlines
  • subheadlines
  • bullets
  • inverted pyramid technique
  • break paragraphs into chucks
  • eliminate extra words and phrases
  • remove jargon
  • Use active voice only

Remember to always to edit your content. Check out these 12 plus tools that can help.

Types of Website Pages

Tailored the goal of your landing page based on its purpose. Each landing page should tie into the overall purpose and goal of your website. Each page must work together in complete harmony to efficiently convert visitors.

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Persona landing page
  • Product page

The Social Proof

Try to have customer testimonials (social proof) before the call to action. Or your social proof can be data, examples, statistics, reviews, etc.

  • Data
  • Testimonials
  • Examples
  • Case Studies
  • Reviews
  • Statistics

Always Close with a Call to Action(CTA)

Well placed call to actions always close. Your call to action should stand out. Always have a call to action so your audience knows the ideal action to take.

Common Examples

  • Learn More
  • Add to Cart
  • Sign Up Now
  • Buy Now
  • Support Us
  • Share on Social Media
  • Checkout
  • Add to Wishlist
  • Discover More

Visuals & Website Copywriting

The image you use should reinforce the messaging of your copy.

Key Performance Indicators of Website Copywriting

KPIs are measurements that have clear numerical values to measure the performance. Limit them to the 5-8 most important measures you have. Use them consistently to improve the effectiveness of your website copywriting.

Tools to Help Measure Website Copy

There are a wide number of tools to use to increase the effectiveness of your web copy. I’m just recommending one for now.

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Use owned, earned, and paid media to help get your website seen. Enhance your owned media with SEO copywriting.


Keyword research should start with creating a list of words that describe your business, products, and services.

Select the keywords based on

  • relevance
  • traffic
  • trial & error
  • competition

Use the following tools to help

Put your keywords in

  • the page title
  • in the headline
  • subheadlines
  • in the body of the copy


It is shareable content for social media to drive your audience to your website. Define your distribution channels and create a content calendar. You will have a content marketing campaign to generate traffic back to your website.

Links that are directed towards your website are a vital part to your site’s ability to rank higher. The more the better and it screams to Google you are popular.

Meta descriptions

The meta descriptions of your blog post is a snippet that summarizes a page’s content. Search engines show the meta descriptions when the keyword is in the description. Keep it up to about 155 characters, according to YoastSEO. It’s also an HTML tag. Use your focus keyword.

Google needs fresh content and updating landing pages. Creating valuable content for your readers.

HubSpot has a list of 31 examples, click here.


If someone was interested in your services/product if they made it to the footer. Or they automatically scrolled down.

  • Add more important is this section (Contact information, Social Icons, Email Signup)
  • Add navigation options.
  • Add a copyright.
  • Add a sitemap for SEO purposes.
  • Add privacy policy, terms of use, etc.

Be Batman! An Overview of Website Copywriting

Your website can save your thousands of dollars. It sells your company 24/7. Think automated sales for your products/services, and you can provide value with lead magnets and/or a blog.

Build your email list! Sell your products to your hard-earned customers. Be heroic enough to heal your audience’s pain points. Be determined! Be relentless! Rise to the challenge of getting your audience’s attention and complete your mission. Sell!

Success! You're on the list.

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