9 Headline Tools; Boost Your First Impression Right Now

Headline tools, who needs those?

According to Joseph Sugarman, the sole purpose of the headline is to get the next sentence read.

That is an overwhelming amount of responsibility for one component of your copywriting. Use the assistance of tools to PULL in visitors. Without your target audience noticing you, how will you sell anything?

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Headlines, Prospects, Eyeballs

Headlines are attention grabbers. They make the first impression on your prospects. A compelling headline is what gets people to:

  • Stop
  • Read
  • Take action

Headlines are Everywhere

  • Landing pages (Hero Section)
  • Sales pages (Hero Section)
  • Ads
  • Email subject lines
  • Social media captions
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Source: http://cardenalgroup.com/

Make Great First Impressions with Headline Tools

Our first impression of a website is similar to our first impression of a person, so develop a way to create lead-generating headlines consistently to get your prospect’s attention.

“It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money…”

David Ogilvy

Headline Tools are Vital to Digital Marketing


  1. attribute to the number 1 goal; get the first sentence read
  2. are the most important part of your web copy
  3. grab the audience’s attention by being persuasive
  4. help the audience decide what to read; reveal the benefit of reading the content

The Effectiveness of Headlines

According to a study, your audience forms an impression of a website in 50 milliseconds. Another study called Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites found our judgments influence the website’s credibility. Of course, these impressions are complex but happen quickly, so you must impress people quickly with your social media/google ads, landing pages, and subject lines.

The hero section of your website is vital to converting prospects as they make those snapshot judgments. Those judgments influence their behaviors and decisions. Your headline should capture the information the user is looking for.

The words you use make a huge difference in getting engagement. Words provide context, so your audience doesn’t overlook your content. A great impression increases your chances of converting visitors.

The Top Headline Tools of 2022

Does your headline offer the reader a reward for reading your content? As the most important part of the copy, its sole purpose is to get the first sentence read. Use these generator and/or analyzer tools to create a unique headline that attracts your audience.

“On average, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline copy, but 2 out of 10 will read the rest. ”


Two Types of Headline Tools

This list aims to help you brainstorm ideas for your headlines. I wouldn’t encourage you to use these tools to create headlines for you.

Although there are headline generators below. The headlines they generate are generic and won’t speak directly to your audience. The headline analyzers on the list are extremely helpful when you’re fine-tuning your lead-generating headlines.

9. Headline Tool: HubSpot Generator

The HubSpot blog idea generator comes in 9th place for me. Simply because it gives you 5 generic headlines depending on what you enter.

Technically, it is not a tool for headlines, but you can use it as a springboard. And it is the same five headlines, so maybe you’ll only need to visit it once. Despite this, there is an opportunity to get access to a year’s worth. HubSpot’s resources are very effective in improving your digital marketing. Unfortunately, this headline tool is underwhelming.

8. Tweak Your Biz Headline Generator

Headline Tools: Tweak You Biz

In 8th place, I have listed Tweak Your Biz. Their headline generator is generic. Nonetheless, it does provide a lot of headlines in a lot of different categories.

This is a great tool to use to get an idea of where you should go with your headline. Also, it is great for subheadlines since it provides many alternatives for the same category. For example, it will generate over 20 headlines for the business audience. The number of headlines it provides seems unlimited, but since they are generic, your audience will ignore them if you copy and paste them.

7. Content Row Headline Generator

Headline Tools: Content Row

Content Row’s headline generator is number 7 on my list of headline tools. It would be higher if I included the headline analyzer. That’s a huge bonus. But it doesn’t compete with the analyzers coming up next on this list (they’re all in the top 3).


The generator gives you a quick breakdown of the importance of headlines. Enter your keyword, generating about 5 headlines with the option to generate more. Each headline it generates comes with a score from its analyzer. Also, it will list the type of headline it is.

You get more access to the generator’s features if you get the pro version. The categories are:

  • ClickBait
  • Evergreen
  • Seasonal
  • Tropic

Another beneficial aspect of this headline tool is you can add additional topics.


The analyzer gives you a score based on a few factors. The factors seem to be:

  • Usage of superlatives
  • The emotional appeal of your headline
  • The use of numbers
  • The length of the headline

It lists your headline’s strengths and suggestions. Content Row has even more features that can assist you with the other components of your content marketing.

6. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Headline Tools: Portent Content

Number 6 is technically not for headlines, but once you use the tool, you’ll see it sparks a few ideas for your headline. Enter your keyword, and the generator will keep coming up with different headlines one at a time.

The feedback they provide about each section of the headline is critical to understanding how to reach your audience. Some of the suggestions are out there because Portent believes in name-dropping celebrities.

You will find most of the suggestions are creative and may inspire you to add some spice to your headline. Scroll down, and they provide some great general tips about your keyword in the headline.

The insights into the headline it suggests are priceless.

Tips include:

  • Fear is a strong motivator, but people are less likely to share negative content
  • Peer pressure is still effective
  • Make it controversial or surprising
  • Readers are more likely to click on a topic that others find valuable

5. Blog About by Impact‘s Headline Tool

Blog About is my number 5 because it uses more of a fill-in-the-blank format. If you select a headline you like, it saves it for you.

This tool helps you generate unique headlines instead of displaying something you can copy and paste. It helps engage your mind.

You will think about what will attract your audience and lead them to take action. As my second favorite generator, there is a lot of value here, especially since it is more of a tool to give you topics to blog about.

The Blog About would be the pack’s leader if the list was about idea generators. However, it doesn’t focus on incorporating the keyword enough for my liking. But that’s why these tools are for inspiration rather than the end all be all.

4. SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator

4th goes to the Blog Title Generator of the SEOPressor. You can enter a keyword, but you can also enter:

  • A brand/product
  • An event
  • The Industry
  • A location
  • People’s names
  • Even a skill

It will give you a ton of headlines incorporating the keywords. Blog Title Generator is typically over a thousand examples of headlines.

It provides 6 examples at a time. Although most of them are generic, you can find plenty of inspiration. In my opinion, the headline examples are the best on the list. It doesn’t have all the additional features of some of the other generators.

This tool gets to the point and has more effective headlines than the other tools listed before it. The only negative is you can only use it five times a day, but if you provide an email address you get your access back.

3. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer’s Headline Tool

Now analyzers are much different than generators, so they automatically have more value since they give you feedback on the headline you want to use.

Coming in at number 3, this tool is simple and effective at letting you know the emotional value of your headline. Type your headline in and get your score. It breaks down headlines into three categories:

  • Intellectual
  • Empathetic
  • Spiritual

2. CoSchedule Headline-Analyzer

Number 2 on my headlines tools list gives you a score based on word balance. And it provides a length analysis based on characters and words. Components of the word balance are:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Emotional
  • Power

It tells you the type of headline you are using. They embed tips throughout the evaluation. The headline tool breakdowns the first part of the headline and the last part.

CoSchedule Headline-Analyzer will highlight the keyword. The tool analyzes the sentiment of your headline as well. Some of my favorite aspects are the google preview and email subject line preview. They aren’t at the top of the list because you must provide your email address to get the results.

1. Sharethrough Headline-Analyzer

My top tool for 2022 is Sharethrough’s Headline-Analyzer because it provides the most feedback.

It quickly provides you with the number of characters and the number of words. Then it gives you a headline quality score based on more than 300 unique variables. There is also an engagement score and an impression score.

It breaks down the strengths and suggestions. The analyzer uses the following elements to create a score:

  • Use of passive voice
  • The length of the headline
  • Where’s the brand
  • The use of alert words
  • Talking about what’s in the body of the content
  • The use of the context word
  • Adding a celebrity

They explain every aspect of the score and tell you what works when crafting effective headlines.

Wrap-Up of Headline Tools

You put effort into every aspect of your digital marketing campaign. You’ve perfected your product or service. So why neglect the headlines? Headlines are everywhere, from captions to blog posts to ads. Making a great first impression leads to increased conversions.

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