7 Reasons to Hire A Black Freelance Web Copywriter

Hire a freelance copywriter

During these turbulent times, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is scaring the crap out of me. I don’t do well with uncertainty but in these times all I can do is continue to walk the path I was on before things got out of hand.

According to this Forbes article, the Coronavirus pandemic is quickly changing how business is conducted.

How could hiring a freelancer help you in all this uncertainty? Continue reading to learn more.

Success! You’re on the list.

Marketing directors, I know your MARKETING DEPARTMENT is your baby but…. “Hire a freelance copywriter.” A very direct statement coming from a freelance copywriter but I value your time so I got straight to the point.

Your “Rat in the Kitchen” Problem

Having trouble adjusting to the amount of digital content you need to produce since the world has shifted? “Hire a freelance copywriter.”

Rat in the kitchen problems are as follow…

  • A hectic or busy schedule
  • Budget limitations
  • A lack of resources for that issue/project
  • Not enough knowledge or education on that particular issue/ project
  • Low self-confidence is your own writing ability
  • A rocky relationship with your clients
  • Fear of failing your current project
  • Maybe your health is impacting your productivity

Having superior writing ability is overrated. Find a freelance copywriter who gets your business. All they need is a little bit of exposure to your industry, audience, and goals. Writer-client relationships are the bread and butter to success in a freelance copywriter’s career. That creates a WIN-WIN situation for both parties.

Why Hire A Freelance Copywriter

Since everyone is working REMOTELY at this point – why not outsource those “need to get done” projects to a professional.

Marketing directors, don’t be afraid to delegate simple projects to an outside source. Yes, it is easy to say but actually doing it is A CHALLENGE.

Buy yourself TIME and outsource those marketing projects to a freelance copywriter that fits.

Addressing Your Concerns

Your concerns are warranted. Especially when it comes to


NONE of these are actual issues if the right FREELANCER finds you.

  • Is lack of time an issue?
  • Do you have a lack of confidence in your own writing?
  • Not quite up to date on the latest marketing trends?

Hire someone outside of the company walls.

7 Reasons to Hire A Freelance Copywriter

Freelance copywriters are a rare breed of people competing with immortals. We have to write better web copy (for example) than anybody else in our niche to survive.

Marketing directors should use this to their advantage and consultation with a freelancer about those “In the Wheel House” projects. If they have worked in the industry then they can craft content that appeals to your audience.

1: Hire a Freelance Copywriter to Get the Job Done

  • We are easy to work with. Freelancers have a natural incentive to do a great job on the task simply because that is how we live. We pay bills by completing projects promptly and ensuring our clients (yes, you) are happy.
  • We know you are depending on us to represent your company in a high -quality manner. We represent ourselves the same way. We have every intention of building a relationship so we become your go-to resource.
  • Also, freelancers use their work (your marketing materials) to get more projects so they can keep paying their bills and keep living their desired lifestyle.

Most freelancers offer FREE consultations to ensure the project is a good fit for your company and our business.

2: Hire a Freelance Copywriter to Increase Efficiency

  • We beat deadlines. Have a 15-minute or longer project launch meeting with a copywriter to confirm the details of the project (scope, timeline, payment, etc) and then schedule a remote weekly meeting that can be (30 minutes to 1 hour) to ensure each milestone is met. You can communicate via email, zoom, or your phone.
  • We submit high-quality work and clean drafts because our reputation depends on it.
No time is wasted with a freelancer. Our time is literally money. Click To Tweet

3: Freelance Copywriters Love Road Work

  • No need to train us. We are prepared and experienced. Typically, freelancers have an ingrained habit of hard work.
  • Most copywriters love to do research. We are actively reading trade journals, blog posts, following influential people, watching YouTube videos, etc.
  • We “play prospect” all day long to see what the competitors are doing.

It’s guaranteed you will experience a different perspective that understands your strategy. New ideas will be brought to the table. You will have a new trusted partner.

4: Freelance Copywriters & the Relentless Pursuit of Knowledge

  • We are detail-oriented. Our hunger for knowledge, curiosity, desire to participate, and passion for life ensures every SINGLE element of existence is accounted for. Because that is where our next idea will come from.
  • We notice everything about a project, a client, the audience, the environment, and the research we conduct.
  • We are curious about everything – the product, the website, your audience, the results, and more.
  • We like to be involved with every part of the process since we work mostly in isolation.
  • We are passionate because we love to write, we love people, and we love making money for our clients and ourselves.

5: Freelance Copywriters Utilize Real Life Experiences

We go above and beyond. “Communication is just getting information from one brain to another brain,” so we use our broad experiences to persuade the target audience.

For example:

I’m a psychology major so my copy heavily relies on Sugarman’s triggers. Learning what makes people tick and addressing their needs, solving their problems, and being creative about it – is the rest of my life’s work.

6: Freelance Copywriters Provide Their Own Perks

We are not employees. Our role with your company is specific to the project so you SAVE money by working with a contractor. We fit short-term to long-term needs and there is no legal need to pay us a salary (just our project fee), provide an office space, or give us benefits.

Let’s connect on social media:

7: Get Those OVERDUE Projects Out of the Way

We remove friction from the creation process and add value. Do I need to say more about the VALUE a freelance copywriter provides?

  • Knowledgeable – We are up to date on the latest digital marketing trends and techniques
  • Efficient – We write every day and manage projects so efficiency is increased
  • Word Specialist – Each word is selected to persuade your prospect while speaking their language
  • Result Orientated – Increase your ROI by focusing on the messages
  • Innovative – A fresh perspective (new ideas, concepts, angles, etc)

Bonus: Best Traits to Look For

  • Curiosity
  • Assertiveness/Conviction
  • Excited/Passionate
  • Tenacity
  • Flexibility
  • Discipline
  • Good Interrogation Skills
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Writing Skills


All of this VALUE is added naturally within the current project.

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