Landing Page Lead Sentences that Turn Leads Into Customers (15 Examples)

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Disclaimer: My brochure creation process is based on Bob Bly’s guidance detailed in The Copywriter’s Handbook.


Landing Page Leads…

are a way to start off the landing page so you can reel the prospect along.

A Lead is

A lead is “the hook” that pulls the prospect into the web page copy. It has to capture the when, who, what, where, and how in a concise way.

Headlines get your audience’s attention but leads hold their interest.

It establishes the voice and the direction of the landing page.

Leads should be no more than one sentence. The language should be active over passive.

It is an implicit promise to your audience.

Leads Are Suppose to

  • enticing
  • beckons
  • make a promise
  • set the tone

15 Examples

Read this article published on Clearvoice for How to Write a Lead….

  1. State the Offer
  2. Highlight the Free Literature
  3. Make an Announcement
  4. Tell a Story
  5. Flatter the Reader
  6. Write to the Rader Peer to Peer
  7. A Personal Message from the President
  8. Use a Provocative Quote
  9. Ask a Question
  10. Make it Personal
  11. Identify the Reader’s Problem
  12. Stress a Benefit
  13. Use Human Interest
  14. Let the Reader in on Some Inside Information
  15. Sweepstakes


Landing pages are an essential part of the sales funnel process. They can be used to collect email addresses, to sell a product, or simply inform the customer.

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