3 Experts to Follow When Learning How to increase your SEO & UX With Keywords

Why are keywords so important to SEO? Where does UX come in?

Research done by the Search Engine Journal confirmed 70 – 80% of users ignore paid search on Google and select the organic results that come from the search.

There are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web. Search engine references are vital for sales.

According to Neil Patal, marketers who blog consistently will acquire 126% more leads than those who do not. Increase your profit by following digital marketing experts and using their tips to raise your search rank.

If you use digital marketing, keywords are a major part of the job. Crafting engaging content using these keywords is the most important aspect of copywriting. Industry experts Brian Dean aka Backlinko, Neil Patel, and Neville Medhora provided tons of statistics and data on how to improve your Search Engine Optimization through keywords.

Creating actionable words is a sweet science that takes time to perfect but once you find your lane – the traffic becomes overwhelming. Beyond the basic tips like write like your customer talks, the following three experts breakdown how to improve your website, whether it’s a landing page, a blog post, or ads.


NOT KEYWORD STUFFING! Words that will attract search engines to your site and increase your ranking within these search engines and directories. It is really about the “user experience.”

The most important thing to communicate the offer in the audience’s language.

SEO Copywriting Commonalities

Put keywords in the meta-tags and descriptions (spiders see them).

The first twenty words are super important.

Keywords Start the SEO Copywriting Engine

Keywords provide a means of gaining entrance to your website.

Think about the keyword volume also know as keyword density.

Feature preferably just one or two unique keywords per page.

The title tag should start with your keyword.

The first sentence of the first paragraph should start with your keyword.

Keyword Research is Google Maps for SEO Copywriting

Keywords open the lines of communication for your prospects and your products/services.

Keyword Research Tools

Google Add- Ons

Screenshot of Brian Dean’s Channel

Long Trail Keywords

3-4 words (longer).

Keyword phrases that are very specific to what you are selling

More likely to convert to sales

Most likely used when using “Voice Search

There is less competition for organic searches

Medium Trail Keywords

A sweet spot between long and short

Short Trail Keywords

Are short and concise

1-2 words

Highly competitive

Difficult to rank

Others Prefer Audience Research First for SEO Copywriting

What are their Needs? Concerns? Abilities? Focus? Situation?

Reads Online Forums

How to Copywrite an SEO Blog

  • Think about the structure when crafting a blog post.
  • Make sure it is scannable, interesting, and entertaining.
  • Consider the length of the blog post when crafting it.
  • Build links with each blog post.
  • Read more tips about crafting blog posts here…

A Definite Guide – Write A Blog Post

Copyblogger’s 5 Easy Ways to Open Your Blog Post with a Bang

Yoast SEO Friendly Blog Post

SEO Copywriting Expert #1

Brian Dean


Brian Dean Quick Tips

  • Keep URLs short and simple
  • Use keywords at the beginning of the blog post
  • Use your keywords in all your headings (H1, H2, H3 tags)
  • Find and Fix SEO Technical Issues
  • Build Links to Your Website

SEO Copywriting Expert #2

Neil Patel


Neil Patel SEO Copywriting Quick Tips

  • Find Keywords You Already Rank For
  • Create More Long Tail Keywords Based on What Ranks for You
  • Long-tail variations can be verified using Google Suggest
  • You can use Google Search Console
  • Rewrite all content focusing on the top keywords and different variations

SEO Copywriting Expert #3

Neville Medhora


Neville Medhora SEO Copywriting Quick Tips

  • Mentally Rewrite” the top-ranking blog post in your niche.
  • Create a swipe file, which is a folder of your favorite blog posts. Save ads, webpage copy, the layout, and other things you can reference. Use it as inspiration.
  • State the benefits and never the features.
  • Trim your SEO copywriting.
  • Handwrite the greatest works of copywriting there are.

Read everything out loud.

Want to learn more, “How to Build A Profitable Website w/ Keywords” this article.

Other SEO Copywriting Resources

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Land

MOZ SEO Checklist

Yoast SEO

SEO Copywriting Conclusion

Quality is the best way to stand out so remember to hire a professional writer if you feel overwhelmed.

Start with the basics and go from there. Good Luck!

Who do you think is the best SEO copywriting expert?

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