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Introduction – Case Study Breakdown

The “Words Mean Business” strategy was developed by Stupendous Copy to implement copywriting principles into content marketing to showcase the value of the brand. Content marketing educates the audience about your product/service without coming off as “salesy.”

  • Engaging your audience with copy and, more specifically, call to actions turns your followers and readers into loyalist of your brand.
  • Exchange your knowledge, resources, and your presence in your industry for your prospect’s attention, likes, comments, and eventually purchases.
  • Exceed your own expectations by creating a sales funnel that is automated and is hidden in plain sight amongst your content.

CBHC’s Vice Chair, Terri Richardson
“Stupendous Copy has done a great job writing and researching health-related topics. The articles have proven to be the most viewed on our website.”

Case Study Summary

A non-profit targeting Colorado’s African American population (statistics below) needed help marketing at an inexpensive cost.

They decided to focus on content marketing.

I implemented the “Words Mean Business” strategy so they could maximize the value of the resources they already had.


A Website & Facebook

Colorado Black Health Collaborative Website

CBHC’s Facebook


CBHC had a solid foundation with events, but didn’t have a unified marketing plan for it’s online presence.


CBHC’s digital marketing presence increase their engagement results in more sales for their First Annual Gala.

The non-profit also got exposure from a local news media outlet and a newsletter with over 15,000 subscribers all through their website and Facebook.

The Case Study Challenge

Colorado Black Health Collaborative needed to increase the engagement among Colorado’s African American population to raise funds to decrease healthcare disparities.

Client Background

Colorado Black Health Collaborative officially became a non-profit organization in 2009. After their first unofficial event, the Family Reunion, positive feedback from the community created a focused mission. Since that day, Colorado Black Health Collaborative has transformed into a comprehensive healthcare network working towards addressing the health disparities in the Black community amongst Denver’s population.

Challenge Details

Even in the non-profit sector words generate revenue. 

Challenge Number 1 – Financial Support

Although the goal is not to make money off of the community, the organization still needs their financial support to operate. Thankfully, that isn’t the only way to support the organization.

Challenge Number 2 – Raising Brand Awareness

With the presence of digital marketing, engagement from the community helps CBHC raise awareness for their cause and their brand. Raising awareness increases engagement from their audience. Raising awareness and increasing engagement leads to a greater presence in the community so when it is time to donate money or time (even more value) it is a win-win for both parties.

Challenge Number 3 – High Level of Engagement

The number of members and a high level of engagement speaks volumes to grants makers.

CBHC has to have these grants to operate.

Using their website as a vehicle of engagement, they also wanted to make sure it would actually get them better results.

So they focused on SEO, content marketing, social media (Facebook), and email marketing.

The end goal was to have members of the community highly engaged with the organization’s brand.


The challenge was providing enough value to their audience so they will interact with the content. Using copywriting techniques infused with related stories, the content became valuable enough for the audience to get comments, likes, and other opportunities.

The Case Study Solution

Using stories and relevant events tied in with healthcare facts and statistics (the “Words Mean Business” strategy) increased the engagement of CBHC’s audience. We decided to use certain types of content to accomplish this (primarily blog post marketed by Facebook) and implement copywriting techniques in marketing channels that already existed.

The Journey

Deliverables Developed by Stupendous Copy

Membership Drive (Concept, Creative Brief, Press Release, and Autoresponder Email)

Blog Posts

Brochure Bullet Points

Newsletter – Bill Bellamy

The Implementation

Black and Healthy Campaign

The Premise

Based on James Brown’s hit song “Black and Proud,” we developed a campaign centered around being Black and Healthy and taking pride in taking care of yourself.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Specific – Put out relevant content consistently.

Measurable – Engagement Rules! How many comments? How many likes? How many strategic partnerships are made? How many tickets are sold?

Attainable/Actionable – Blog post marketed through Facebook.

Relevant – The content will tie into the selling the First Annual Gala.

Time-bound – How many tickets will be sold by Nov? How many likes did the post get after a month?


Individuals’ information is like currency. The strength is in numbers. The organization can use membership numbers for grants, leverage, and strategic partnerships.

Creative Brief

Published Nonprofit Press Release

Blog Posts (2018-2019)

SEO/Content Marketing

All the articles are marketed via Facebook.

One article did very well in terms of conversation.

Another had a lot of shares.

Another one created an opportunity for an interview from the local news.

Also an opportunity with a media outlet that has 15,000 subscribers was a result of our hard work.

 All the articles increased the engagement for CBHC’s website.

(Top Post per the social media stats – 34 Shares, 4 Comments, 27 Likes)

Engagement (Focus is on Comments more than Likes)

The barbershop article inspired the American Public Health Association to publish a similar story in their publication.

Brochure Bullet Points (2018)

Fact Filled Document Send to the Graphic Designer

I created a document that summarizes the key (selling) points of the non-profit. The goal was to raise money for their cause.  The document ended up being used as copy for the 1st Gala brochure. Most of the important information was used as bullet points on the printed marketing materials.

Newsletter – Bill Bellamy


Additional Content

About Us Section (2018)

Concepts used for Press Releases and Emailing (2019)

Using Numbers

Creating Urgency

Emphasized Value/Alliteration (Repetition of Free)

Craft Historical Poem for Printed Directory (2019)

The Case Study Results

The Case Study Outcome

The membership drive went well but the organization realized it didn’t have the manpower to keep it going. The key result was people were signing up at a rapid rate. It proves the campaign was a success.

Since the blog posts are marketed on Facebook, CBHC decided not to disclose the private statistics (the conversation rate of readers from Facebook to the website).

The success was measured with the engagement the organization received from the community, other organizations, and the high attendance of their marquee event.

The First Annual CBHC Black & White Gala had over 400 guests.

Overall, most of the content received an overwhelming response from the audience.

Improvements I Suggested

Introducing S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the blog posts.

Adding more Call to Actions.

Creating a content schedule.

Recycling the content on different digital platforms.

Case Study Conclusion

Using the website, blog posts, and social media, Colorado Black Health Collaborative and I created a marketing funnel that proved to engage the community, other non-profits, and local businesses in a consistent manner. We were able to provide valuable content that was FREE for the potential ticket buyers and volunteers. The method of digital marketing was relatively inexpensive for the non-profit.

About the Author

Rudy Brown was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. In 2013, He graduated from MSU Denver with a BA in Psychology and a minor in English-Writing. He is a copywriter for hire. He owns a copywriting company, Stupendous Copy (


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