Landing Pages Can Sell for You in 5 Seconds or Less

In 5 seconds or less★ use landing pages to market your products, business, and or services online at a low cost to increase your return on your investment. ★ (A well-written website will allow you to have high profile margins ★

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Useful information: Tools and Website Builders are at the end of the post.

How Landing Pages Can Work?

Create High Value with High-Quality Content 

Attract Customers in Any Time Zone

Have a Selling System That’s on Autopilot

Do It In 5 Simple Steps!

  1. Create a Website
  2. Drive Traffic to Your Website  
  3. Capture Prospects Contact Info
  4. Build an Email List
  5. Sell Your Product/Service

NO Time to Set-Up This Simple Cash Crow


Stupendous Copy Portfolio

Landing Page Pricing/Time Frame

Completion Time: 3-5 Days 

Price Range: $150-$1000

Web Copy Bronze Package

500 Words/One Landing Page


Web Copy Silver Package

1000 Words-/One-Two Landing Pages

$240 ($10 off)

Web Copy Gold Package

Unlimited Words/ 5 Landing Pages (Website)

$500 ($100 per Page)

Web Copy Platinum Package

Unlimited Words/5 Landing Pages (Unlimited Monthly Updates For 6 months)

$1000 (Best Value!)

What’s Included in the Landing Page Packages

Keyword Research

Persuasive Audience Tailored Copy That Informs

A PDF of SEO Tools (Bonus $20 value) (Gold & Platinum Package Only)

Web copy is optimized once results are analyzed (Platinum Package Only)

Stupendous Copy Landing Page Process

The Power of Words Strategy- 4 Steps

Step 1: Research for Landing Pages

Market Research

Buyer Persona

Keyword Research

List of 5 Topics

List of 20 Keywords (Long Tail, Medium Tail, Short Tail)

Step 2: Crafting for Landing Pages

Concepting an idea that will rank in Google but also attract your prospect’s attention.

The key elements will be the headline, subheadings, informational content, and the call-to-action.

The premise & the promise will be infused with keywords, brand-specific content, and unique selling points. 

(Also includes web designer instructions).

Step 3: S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Landing Pages

We will identify the social channel to promote the landing page. 

We will identify the best metric to measure the promotion (response rate).

We will estimate what response from your audience is attainable.

We will highlight what metrics are relevant.

We will establish a time-frame to get results.

Step 4: Analyze Measurables for Landing Pages 

You will access to the following Key Performance Indicators:

Bounce rate

Conversation rate




Conversation Rates


Form Submit

Email List Performance

List Members

Web copy is optimized once results are analyzed (Platinum Package Only)

Why Chose Me for Landing Pages?

Get views that convert into sales, sign-ups, and loyal customers.

A low-cost way to acquire a sale or lead. 

Measure the results with digital tools.

Analyze the content to improve your ROI.

Websites are essential in digital marketing!

 But can be time-consuming to set-up to be profitable right away. 

There are plenty of affordable options!

(Website Building Options)

The options are based on budget and business needs. 




Go Daddy


 Why pay a developer $10,000 for a website that can’t be changed or updated without paying more money?

  • I can set-up an adaptive website for $500-$5,000 depending on your budget, needs, and product/services. 
  • I work keywords into the webpage copy (expertise). 
  • The site is designed to inspire the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or buying one of your products/services (expertise).

Kings of Conversion (in 7 seconds or less) 

Landing Pages (Not Home Pages)

Primary foundation: designed to drive specific traffic to a specific URL

Secondary foundation: to provide information

Website Development

(a collection of landing pages)

Expedited Online Presence

We create a website quickly that can last forever without having to hire developers every time you want to update it or change it. Each page is based on an analysis of your audience so your website can stand out in your market.

Mobile Responsive Layouts

All websites adjust to fit any device, hand-held, tablet or PC so your customers can find your product or service online, whether they are on their phone or laptop, iPad. People value access to information at all times.


All websites can be updated with content and themes, usually with one click.

No need to spend hours of redesigning or coding to get your site to look the way you want it to. 

Creative Content

The words on your website will be sure to address any objections customers may have while showcasing your value proposition. The features will your company/product/service will be translated into tangible benefits your customers can see.

Optimized by Keywords

All content is optimized to have your site show up in Google Searches.

It is written short and simple for scanners!

All words show your customer what’s in it for them by solving their pain points.

Each page is designed to have your customers take action. 

I provide even more value, by pointing you to the best options for site hosting, email hosting, basic and advanced metrics, helpful tips for SEO, and more…..

Additional Tools

Email Hosting Options

Dream host


Web Site Host


Blue Host

Site Ground

Host Gator


Google Domains


Basic Metrics of  Your Web Site

Metric – measuring something by the quantity.

Session/Visit – the amount of time a visitor spends on your webpage.

Pages – per session average session duration.

Pageview – the basic unit of measurement for many web analytical tools

Users/Visitors – the total number of people who came to the website.

Advanced Metrics of Your Web Site

Google Analytics 


Bing Webmaster

Email Marketing Tools

Constant Contact



Opti Monster 

Other Tools

Beaver Builder

Divi Plugin

CSS Hero



Share Counts


These are my favorite tools!

WordPress Plugins






Content Resources for Landing Pages

Website Builders for Landing Pages


Landing Pages for Website
Landing Pages for WordPress
Landing Pages for Email


Landing Pages for Shopify



Host/Website Builder

Go Daddy

Landing Page Industry Pricing

Excerpt from AWAI Copywriting Pricing Guide

Landing Pages for Lead-Gen
Landing Pages for Pricing

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