The Ultimate Formula to Gain Your Customer’s Attention Right Away

I struggled with peopling finding my website for 6 years when I started (the site doesn’t even exist anymore). Until one day I discovered a copywriting formula that turned out to be a goldmine (

The basic slippy slide technique involving your customer’s attention, interest, desire, and action is a foundational formula for all the different types of copy, especially blog posts and newsletters.

After implementing this formula in your content, your website will have a higher Google ranking as more traffic is driven in. With more engagement, you can build a growing list of email subscribers. With more traffic and more email subscribers, your return on your investment will be revenue that will keep piling up without much effort on your part.

The simplest way to get more business is…


Write your content so you always get your audience’s attention by engaging their interest with interesting facts and/or information that connects with their desires. Finally, make sure to call them to take action.

The idea behind anything you create is to get the copy noticed by your potential customer and persuade them to take action by turning the features of your product/service into benefits for the customers.

Wanna learn the formula? Let’s get started…..


Use powerful words to grab your audience’s attention that are ultra-specific.

Using a number is critical to catching the reader’s eye. 

The headline should present a clear benefit that is relevant to the reader.

Something is relevant to the audience when it addresses the reader’s fears, anxieties, and/or aspirations so make the headline emotional.

Create the fear out of missing out so you can hold their attention until it turns into genuine interest.

The leading paragraph of your content should have a hook in the first few words and should increase their interest.

I is Interest

To keep the reader’s interest the content must address their needs. 

If your company offers a comprehensive health screening at a lower cost then make sure the benefit of getting the screening done is relevant to your potential customer.

Having a solution to the reader’s problem, which is some sort of fear of dying from cancer, or anxiety about not being productive is the key to your content resignation with them.

If the reader has aspirations to live a long healthy lifestyle then stress the specific benefits of the health screening to the audience.

Bank on the screening providing knowledge about their health, so they have a baseline to move forward.

You can connect with the audience in a variety of ways, depending on what you think is the most effective way to reach your audience.

(When I create copy I typically do research to find out the audience pain points and address those in the content).

Often times, your business or service won’t be the only one in your industry so the USP – Unique selling proposition is the only way to create interest in your brand/company/service.

Appeal to their personal wants and needs.

Bridge how the feature of the copy can benefit the audience. 

Provide the facts and features in a creative way.

Provide the benefits for the audience, instead of your audience having to imagine them.

There are plenty of methods used to showcase the specific benefits of your product/service. 

Provide examples of the consequences associated with a failure to act. Show the clear value of using your product/service with concrete examples and/or real-life success stories (case studies). 

D is Desire

 Once the audience knows why your company is unique and can meet their needs, create urgency by pulling in the reader towards an immediate action banking on their fear, anxieties, or aspirations.

It isn’t easy to do this without them knowing it so use concrete evidence to back-up your claims.

Social Proof is the most effective form of evidence, as it usually pushes people over the hump when they are contemplating on going with you or your competitor.

Always include solid and substantial validation with comparisons to your competitors to showcase your unique selling proposition. 

Back up your copy with statistics, results, case studies, and testimonials that create desire.

This method is the key to crafting words that create interest and desire within your audience. 

A is Action

The most important part of the formula is the call to action. Without it, the rest of the formula is pointless.

Insert the action part of the formula when you want your audience to do something like buy your product/service, provide an email address or other contact information. 

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